H-bomb: More powerful than Hiroshima bomb, fits on missile


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the hydrogen bomb, or so-called “superbomb” can be far more powerful — experts say, by 1,000 times or more.

But just to clarify, this doesn't mean that the blast radius of an H-bomb would be 1000 times greater. The energy dissipates quite quickly so even though the most powerful hydrogen bomb ever built and tested was 1400 times more powerful than Hiroshima, the blast radius was only 35 miles (compared to Hiroshima's 1 mile). I hope this helps someone sleep a bit better tonight.

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Thanks M3: I now know if they make a direct hit on Tokyo, I will die in Kanagawa.

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If you're in Shonan you might actually survive depending on what type of building you're in. But of course the North Koreans are never going to get their hands on a 100mt bomb let alone get it in the air.

Here's an interesting website where you can see the effects of a bomb detonation over your own city. You can choose some famous bombs from the presets, including the ones that North Korea has tested.

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Don't worry, the only thing it will bring is probably a "snap election" to rake in votes on the fear.

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I pray and pray for this to never happen!

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The biggest bomb in North Korea is the one that Kim Jong Un drops in his personal lava****.

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It also builds cars and jet airplanes at a rate greater than any 100,000 American capitalist workers or their Japanese lapdogs could ever hope to match! It slices, it dices, it grates! It boils, broils, roasts, grills and fries and eliminates unhealthy fat while leaving in the flavorful juices! The North Korean H-Bomb is the herald of a productive new age of North Korean supremacy and the exclusive brainchild of our Dear Leader. Life has been perfected here in North Korea, may we ever shine as a beacon to the rest of the world. A true worker's paradise thanks to Dear Leader and his Magical, Smiling H-Bomb Friend!

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I'm a physics engineer.I can say it's a kind of thermonuclear bomb and this is why that bomb powerful than hiroshima bomb.On the other hands this technology very difficult to develop.There must be something else behind this cause N. Korea can't develop this tech easily.When N. Korea testing their missiles they were failed,remember?They can't engineering a missile by themselves and i supposed to believe they were developed h-bomb?

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Can be fitted to a missile yeah, but there's a world between detonating a bomb and delivering it anywhere. Besides the fact there are serious doubts this even was a hydrogen bomb.

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I'm still not convinced they actually did detonate a H-Bomb and I am not the only one. The world is only going on what the great leader/liar has stated and that there was seismic activity in the area, which was equivalent to a M5 earthquake.

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M3M3M3: .... even though the most powerful hydrogen bomb ever built and tested was 1400 times more powerful than Hiroshima, the blast radius was only 35 miles (compared to Hiroshima's 1 mile). I hope this helps someone sleep a bit better tonight.

That's reassuring. The blast diameter is only twice the distance from Chiba to Saitama. I'll sleep like a baby tonight!

Governments likely can distinguish earthquake traces from bomb traces on seismometers. Have they said anything?

Saitama to Chiba

Air line (approximately): 34 miles / 54 kilometer

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just of note the H bomb has no actual limit to the size you can make it. the Hiroshima A bomb was about 15KT 15000 tons on TNT, during the height of the cold war the Soviets developed a 100MT "Tsar" king of all bombs but downsized it to about 58MT to reduce the fallout, thats 58,000,000 tons of TNT!. Thats ten times all the explosives used during WW2! The mushroom cloud from this bomb was 40 miles high, the shock wave was measured on its 3 passage around the earth. flash from the bomb could be seen 100 miles away

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Let them actually make an H-Bomb before we physics scholars start pedantically explaining what it is.

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They actually claim they tested a bomb, but all evidence points to an earthquake.

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