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Half a million advised to evacuate as heavy rain lashes Japan


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@Schopenhauer - maybe it's just this dynamic and challenging environment that is causing the Japanese diligence, spirit of hard work and strong social responsibility in order to create such a recilient society. The forces of nature is what creates our ability to survive - we just need to learn to adapt, accept and to the degree possible control them.

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Japan definitely has its share of natural disasters, still I would love to live there again. Stay safe Japan!!

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Japan is a very much natural disaster prone country. Typhoons, floods, earthquakes etc. In addition, summer is very hot and winter very cold. Despite all these minus factors, people are diligent and hard working. It is a surprise.

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We need some rain in the Tokyo/Yokohama area! Hope things will lighten up for those in the south.

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How I wish the weather will not effect the two festivals in my neighborhood this month.

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Here in Yamaguchi and down in Kyushu, some areas have seen more than 290 cms of rain today! It is raining very hard at 11:16pm and expected to worsen overnight. It has not stopped since 11am this morning!

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Due to the hot temperature, rain is something I've been hoping for. However, judging from the intensity of the current typhoon, I hope people can withstand the force of nature, and stay safe.

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Where, where? Did the original media report where the 500000 people were to be evacuated from? City or prefecture? Where was the river that overflowed and killed the chickens? Foreigners who read Japanese news don't consider Japan an monolith.

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@Schopenhauer America has drastic seasonal changes and experiences floods, hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, draughts, and tornadoes. I don't really understand the difference here.

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