Hanshin store in Osaka holds sale of items left on trains, buses


Items left on trains and buses are on sale at Hanshin department store in Osaka's Kita Ward until March 30.

The sale, which began on Wednesday, includes some 55,000 umbrellas among a total 155,000 items rounded up by the lost property departments of the various transportation companies. There are some unusual items such as glasses made of tortoise shell which are worth 1,150,000 yen, jigsaw puzzles and a Japanese archery set. The ipods sold out 10 minutes after the store opened.

Minoru Yumitani, 56, from Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture, bought 10 umbrellas. “I always forget my umbrella when I go out drinking, so I need a few more," he said.

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bought 10 umbrellas.

late news, Tv channels reported umbrella for Y30 !

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Good to see recycling. Back in the bubble, second hand yet practically new stuff was left on the curb for the garbage man.

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Who are the profits going to? (Or are these items left on Hanshin train & bus lines and therefore, after 6 months in L&F, are now property of Hanshin?)

You'd think they'd have a designated charity, to avoid looking like they were purposely hoarding items for profit.

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Does anyone know if they do a similar thing in Tokyo?

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Awesome! They found my tortoise shell glasses! - I'm curious as to who pockets this money.

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I imagine the people who have been storing this stuff get any profit. By the way, if the umbrellas are going for 30 yen then I don't think profit was the motive for this sale.

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55000 x 30 = 1,650,000 yen

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Sure, but what would storage fees amount to for something that size stored for a year or more?

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A nice fun little story, something we could all do with reading more of, but let us not miss the chance to delve into the underbelly of what could simply bring a gentle smile to our faces. Let us examine where the profit goes, let us seek out those greedy monsters that lurk behind everything ever ready to snatch the last yen out of innocent peoples pockets. We must always be on our guard and never let what looks so innocent pass without finding the evil design behind it.

Get real people, it is a sale of lost property with umbrellas going for 30yen! It probably costs that much to actually sell the things. Do you really believe the Hanshin floor space, electricity and staff are there for free? What sometimes frightens me is that my wife and walk the same streets as such paranoids.

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