Haruki Murakami to be online agony uncle


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Good. I have some questions about "The Wind-up bird chronicle".

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Quick Google search comes up with this website:

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I always admire the man for his desire to be in touch with his readers/fans. Not sure about the whole 'advice' thing, but it's certainly a good chance, and a reward, for fans to be in contact with the man himself.

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I hope he's better at it than writing.

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Why would anybody want advice from this hack?

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Tatsuwashi: Why would anyone want advice from a professional? No doubt he can offer far greater insight into things than simply calling someone a 'hack'.

onagagamo: He's far better than anything else Japan has to offer at present, and is clearly very highly ranked and respected around the world, hence speeches in Israel about peace, potential Nobel prize winner, etc.

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"Agony uncle".....I had to look that one up" (in American English the phrase is "advice columnist.")

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I love that this is called an "agony uncle" in Japan haha

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