Hato Bus still helping tourists discover Tokyo after 70 years


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Did a Hato Bus tour in 1960. Still remember the Guide/Interpreter's name- it was Honekawa Sujiko--she was a very slim attractive girl!

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I never understood the allure of city bus tours - especially in Tokyo.

Cocooning yourself off from the sites and sounds of the street? Not being able to access all the great side streets and yokocho? Forget it - get a map, rent a bike, and if you need a guide sign up for a bike tour. It’s definitely the best way to experience, and understand, a new city.

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Good way to get your bearings before renting a bicycle (if you have the time).

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Hato Bus must cover all places of tourist interest , so that nothing is left for a new first time visitor to see in TOKYO

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That's a nice piece of history, but I'd rather walk. I lose at least 10 pounds every time I visit!

But I'm also fortunate to always have local friends as guides.

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