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Hayashi to bring back 30 Ukraine evacuees to Japan from Poland


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wow. 30.

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obladiToday  07:48 am JST

wow. 30.

How many people do you think fit on one govt plane? 300,000?

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I heard govt send another planes to Poland if there are more refugees who really want to go to Japan.

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My tax money for refugees who back a far right nationalist government, that doesn’t care about their own citizens lives, the poorest people in Europe, totally different culture and language, my tax money paying for them to live here getting free housing, food and utilities, on a government plane that is probably the most luxurious plane in Japan…while I have to work a part-time job on my day off to pay my tax bill. Sounds great. He should visit Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen too.

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Can't stand this Hayashi. An absolute chancer.

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How many people do you think fit on one govt plane? 300,000?

If there is real interest in receiving evacuees it doesn't have to be a single trip, or a single plane.

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totally different culture and language, 

@Rodney - so you are saying Japan should only accept emergency evacuees who share the same language and culture?


4 ( +10 / -6 )

Somehow i get the feeling that the 30 people were selected due to their wealth and welcome to come spend their money with a 90 day visa on arrival only .

The article convenient didn't mention how long they can stay or their visa staus.

Why only 30 people ?

-5 ( +7 / -12 )

Out of curiosity,there have been so many refugees from different parts of the world that have been fleeing their countries over the years,why hasn't Japan been taking them?What is so different with Ukrainean refugees?Not saying that they should not give asylum to refugees from Ukraine.

4 ( +7 / -3 )

Meaningless PR gesture while either not allowing other refugees in or submitting them to inhumane conditions in detention centres. Shame on the J government for trying to paint itself as a safe haven.

3 ( +10 / -7 )

337 so far out of ""The UNHCR said 4.1 million people had fled Ukraine as of Thursday ''

NOT ENOUGH in these desperate time people will go anywhere safe and secure, and when peace returns to Ukraine they will go back to their homeland. Japan should do much more as part of the free world efforts to promote and protect democracy and provide refuge to these people, it will not be forgotten but well appreciated

5 ( +8 / -3 )

Interesting that JT uses the strange terminology of the Japanese government, calling Ukranian refugees "evacuees". That's not good journalism. You could at least explain that the whole word is calling them "refugees" and only Japan is calling them "evacuees", for whatever reasons...

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Why only 30 people ?

I agree. I noticed that Hayashi travelled to Poland using the Starship Enterprise spaceship, as a Trekkie I perfectly know it has a capacity of 850 passengers and can travel 8,323 times light speed. It could bring million of Ukrainian in a single day!

Clearly another proof of unwillingness from the Japanese.

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According to the attached website, Ukrainians want to move to Poland. Well, it is very suspicious data.


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Thirty huh? Well, Japan is getting better. I can remember when it was zero. Thirty is a big improvement with all the government meetings and 100% consensus by the old boys club of Japan. Great job Japan! You really know how to help out in a crisis. Thirty! Wow! Amazing!

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Japan FM to bring back 30 Ukraine evacuees to Japan from Poland:

Only 30? One would have thought at least 300 first, then 3,000 or many more later..

But how many Ukrainians would likely want to become refugees in Japan that often shun foreigners..?

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It is blatant sensationalism and aggrandizing from the Japanese government which has one of the most restrictive immigration policies in the whole world!

NHK will cover it like a limpet on a rock with the commensurate emotional background music-guaranteed to be a tear jerker...

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Japan just does not have the infrastructure in place to take on refugeess compared to other countries.

Wonder why that is.

My tax money for refugees who back a far right nationalist government

Your tax money goes to a far-right nationalist government that doesn't care about its or any other citizens. FTFY. Taking in 30 refugees (while not even calling them that) is just a very easy way to make the government look good. If anyone is really bothered about where their tax money is going, they should look at corporate subsidies and tax breaks for the wealthy, not a few people fleeing a war zone.

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Honestly, this is not news.

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They're refugees not evacuees!

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I am a Ukrainian refugee and from what I know there is literally no information on how one can get to Japan using this generous gesture. No one understands how these 30 people were or will be selected. No matter how hard you try to google information on this matter both in English or Japanese, there are no details.

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They are coming from Poland not from Ukraine.

Ravey -

They are evacuees and refugees.

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How long can they stay in Japan and what visa will they receive ?

90 day tourism visa ?

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