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Heat wave grips Tokyo, other eastern Japan areas


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It's been hot like this in Kansai for a while.

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It's been hotter elsewhere. I recently saw a post showing a Chinese man in Shanghai, sitting down in the street cracking open & cooking a number of eggs... directly on the pavement/sidewalk ... hope he cleaned it beforehand. There the temperature within the shade had reached over 40'C. However, that's not unusual in Middle Eastern countries - such as Egypt, though Humidity there is generally quite less than here.

Here though, it has been hot, AirCon's on full everywhere throughout the day. Oddly, the doors of some shops were wide open, perhaps for the benefit of passers by, needing a cool breeze of air ? However that approach does seem to be a naive way of curtailing global warming... quite the opposite.

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Stay safe, pilgrims. It's gonna get a lot hotter.

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Didn't mercury thermometers get phased out years ago in favour of alcohol?

Yes, but "mercury" here is used metonymically. Probably, the official temperatures have been determined electronically for a few dozen years.

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