Heatwave blamed for 500 fish found dead in park pond


About 500 fish found dead in a park pond in Futtsu, Chiba Prefecture, probably died because of the recent extreme heat, officials said Thursday.

The fish, mainly varieties of carp, were found floating on the surface of the pond at Futtsu Park at around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, TV Asahi reported. Park staff patrol the area twice a day and did not notice any dead fish the day before.

An analysis of the pond water showed low levels of oxygen which is believed to have been the cause of death. The average daytime temperature of the water this week has been around 30 degrees.

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What a contradictory article! Was it the low level of oxygen in the water or the heat that killed them?

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Mocheake: High temps mean the water is less easily oxygenated. That means less oxygen present in the water - which equals suffocating fish.

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If it was the "heat wave" that caused this, then why is this only happening in one pond?

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Tokiyo, high temps don't necessarily cause less oxygen. Maybe a lack of plant life inside the pond was responsible. I have fish in my water lily planter that had to go through the same heat spell and they are still alive and swimming.

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Strange title for the article. Heat wave IS responsible, or merely blamed? Why not just "500 found dead in Pond"?

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Folks not all bodies of water are the SAME!

Some are bigger than others, some have nearby forests which shade the water, some have streams flowing in/out, some do not, some have springs in them, some don't, some have steady ground water flows in/out some don't, some are natural, some man-made(lots of concrete), some have lots of natural vegetation, others just full of algae & sludge, some relatively clean, some filthier than hell! I could go on but hopefully you get the idea

Lots of variable to be looked at

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I sense there is something rather fishy about this case, and given the facts I would say the heat wave being the cause is utter carp. To have all the fish die in such a short time frame really makes me pond er whether some other element wasn't introduced into the water. Especially since this is far from the hottest summer I have experienced of late.

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GW: True there are many variables but hot weather alone, is NOT the core cause of the fish dying like the article suggest.

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If the pond was very shallow, the water could have gotten too hot for the fish pretty quickly. Or perhaps there was an algae bloom that deoxygenated the water so quickly the fish died in a short time as reported in the article.

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Fouxdefa: Too shallow of a pond and algae blooms are potencial CORE causes, that kill fish, hot weather only kills fish if there are combined imbalances in addition to it. I have fish in indoor tanks and even in a flower planters (outside) in direct sunlight. None of them died, simply because I maintain the condition of their water. Anytime I have ever lost a fish, it was due to my neglect of their environment, not the sun itself.

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Funny had this problem in KT training.

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