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Heavy equipment falls into Fukushima reactor pool


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Accidents happen, just more offten around TEPCO.

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Equipment working around nuclear material should normally be robust with zero error

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More incompetence and lack of any control

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Jesus, seriously?!

Just get it done properly, people. Please.

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That console's toast now. Not to worry! Japan'll buy TEPCO a new one!

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Once again, stuff you couldn't make up.

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TEPCO's ineptitude would be hilarious if it wasn't for the disastrous consequences. That this company is still in charge of that fiasco just beggars belief.

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Cue Simpsons' theme!

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Hmm. Crane sling installed by robot under remote control?

TEPCO need all the help it can get:


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The new anti-radiation suits should resemble Crusty the clown!

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You guys need to head up to Fukushima and volunteer your giant brains to work there for a week or two so you can solve all the technical problems there and make the world safe again.

-8 ( +5 / -13 )

darnname: You guys need to head up to Fukushima and volunteer your giant brains to work there for a week or two so you can solve all the technical problems there and make the world safe again.

We need someone to do the grunt work. You get in there and we'll send you instructions via rad-hard cell phone.

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What do they have the three stooges running the show over there?

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-head desk- I'd like to call this a comedy of errors, but this is not funny any more. It's been one embarrassing cock up after the next with TEPCO at Fukushima. The Japanese government should seriously think about overhauling TEPCO completely, because it seems to be run by idiots at the moment. Granted, this isn't an easy job, but there seems to be more blunders at Fukushima than there are Chinese aircraft encroaching on Japanese airspace, and that's saying something. Just how much are all of these blunders costing the taxpayers? They must be absolutely livid every time they see a story about something going wrong at Fukushima.

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@zichi Thanks for the insights. It is great to some serious comments for a change.

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After reading this I heard

TEPCO Homer: DOH! Dumb, stupid console. Oh well time for a doughnut.

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They would have more money to work with if they werent getting sued for the earthquake.

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@zichi, how about inside?

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opsy daisy!

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"Cue Simpsons' theme!" LOL!!! Right on!

IF nothing else, its a sign when you're being compared with Homer Simpson.

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More damage. More fiasco. More incompetence and failure. The explosion with the orange flash is explained by the fact there was a flash, it can have only been one thing. QED.

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Constructon worker in USA might walk off the job at that point, knowing he was going to be fired anyway. No need to stick around. I guess with nuclear it would probably be different. Lot of reports to file. And remote control gives some excuse.

What if they drop the 30-ton crane on a bunch of fuel rods, any flash?


never mind, I meant did you have photos from inside:


some pretty big robots (excavator and truck, outside the reactor):


robot operators:


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There have been SO many big mistakes, problems and lies that I forget BUT didn't this happen, something being dropped into Storage Pool 3 in February, February 7th? That time bein 1.5 tonnes? Marvelous! Keep up the good work TEPCO!

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The pool contains 566 fuel rods, most of which are spent. Which is like 2 fuel Assemblies ..... This I do not believe... Why so few fuel rods in the SPF. Which could hold many more.... UK9393 Your words reminded me of Yoichi Shimatsu's article: The World is Powerless Against Fukushima Fallout


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Picturing a pool four times as broad (2xW x 2xL) as it needs to be, or maybe two or three times deeper instead, with a purely mechanical means for widening distance between fuel rod mounts, purely mechanical to be used as backup in case of power failure. Would that work?

A lot cheaper than the problems they got now. Especially cheaper than retiring almost all their plants way before planned End of Life.


The last of Japan's 50 reactors (Tomari-3) went offline for maintenance on May 5, 2012.,[18] leaving Japan completely without nuclear-produced electrical power for the first time since 1970. Despite protests, on 1 July 2012 unit 3 of the Ōi Nuclear Power Plant was restarted.[19] As of September 2012, Ōi units 3 and 4 were Japan's only operating nuclear power plants, although the city and prefecture of Osaka have requested they be shut down.[20]

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Hello, I understand that the Fukushima plant had a super redundant safety systems in it, and that if it were dropped into the bottom of the ocean it would not fail. Isn't that not correct? Yet;That what actually happened to it was it was hacked from Israel in retaliation for Japan selling yellow cake uranium to Iran. The attacking/hack virus used on the plant was gave to Israel from the CIA they are Israels puppets and work in her (money) interest(s). Its all a part of thier global operation(s) or for exampke their "Sampson Option" where they also have Nuclear weapons at just about all of their embassies worldwide(last act of defence). It speaks volume as to the level of thinking, of this type of evil that is behind this and its even been proven, it's know. Also they believe it can certainly lead to very dire results in the future for mankind kind. So fitting for both races because the Japanese and other Asians were also killing everything in the water like there was and endless supply and have almost made whales extinct. Soon you all will be eating each other, just kidding you all already are and that is the truth but thanks to America's FDA so are the American people and they are enjoying Japan's and Israels Radiation. Also thanks to the trader Obama who sold China all of America's water and food for paper fiat money that to China Americans won't have anything to eat or drink because it's all contaminated, gone, dried up, radioactive or dead the world is about to deserve what it is about to get...world war 3 is here and it's starting with oil in Saudi Arabia at negative $-.50


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