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Heavy rain pounds southwest Japan; alert issued for 245,000 residents


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Good luck to those people living there. Must be terrible. On our trip to Kanazawa where we are now there was quite a bit of dangerous flooding as well.

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Thoughts & prayers for the people of Shikoku, Kyushu, Honshu and ALL of SW Japan.

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The ‘gods forbid’ a loss of life but, IF there is tragedy, hopefully, ‘some’ will have the ‘foresight & common decency’ to know they should stay away and ‘NOT continue the focus on their visits to that area’ next week!

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On the trail of the lonesome pine? Ok I have been watching Laurel & Hardy :)

As this is an annual occurrence are there not more effective measures that could be taken to prevent/mitigate flooding? Effective warning is undoubtedly good and saves lives but preventing it would be better?

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A brief respite @englisc 7:01pm but certainly those folks Way Out West are very concerned about the threats of flooding and more landslides. The government has continually failed in foresight, prevention and mitigation of potential disasters. Some may also suspect, many times, they were possibly complicit at times in ‘cutting corners’ and ‘kickbacks’ during the construction of failed projects.

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So is this the new normal with global warming?

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This is what reminds us that we live in a volcanic island between tectonic plates.

God help us!

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We feel for you, those imperiled by the big rains . . . .

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Yes. We are going to have to manage extreme weather much better. Fire, flood, drought, typhoons and heat waves. That may mean physically changing the landscape, the design of homes, more reservoirs, fire breaks, the ability to soak areas, pull water from the atmosphere, tank it and deploy smarter irrigation for crops, solar tiles, highly reflective surfaces, and domestic distributed power generation as standard. Some places will become almost nocturnal. Others will no longer be suitable for farming or habitation.

Crop viability will move as local environments change and more extreme weather kicks in. It is already happening with coffee and rice may be next. Some crops will have to be grown under cover, hydroponically. Others may cease to be viable. Animal husbandry will scale back due to emissions, water use and the high impact it places on resources, combined with disease issues.

The times they are a changin'.

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@GRB48 Thank you for the details!

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Climate Change gradually turns Japan into a jungle hellscape. I bet Europe and North America will become a desert by the end of the 21st century.

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lot of techno fixes, too funny you don’t even mention planning dropping human plague numbers, these little island nations like Java with 179 million and you 126 million ! That’s an ecological disaster right there! And Gov says you need to avoid population reduction, wasn’t it in 2019 they proposed more migrant intake, yes economically but ecologically and climatically a disaster ! Same all over the World !

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