Heavy snow hits northern Japan, disrupting traffic


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Don’t get on the roof to clear snow-it’s dangerous!

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The 2021-22 winter has been hell with all the shoveling but still, it’s exercise for the hearty until spring.

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The kids were all given maru daizu senbei “Gold-medals” for ‘competing’ in, at least, two winter sports events: 

the shovel-full-of-snow ‘Clean & Jerk’ and, 

the Bobsled ‘snow scoop’ push to the nearby tanbo.

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Every once-in-a-while, there is a running ‘face-plant’ in the snow or ice (ouch!).

We laugh off and call that one the winner of “The Skeleton” event.

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One thing I learned here is to never get on the expressways in the winter as I have seen so may drive at full speed 80km or more while it's snowing, I call it IDIOTS behind wheels.

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Strong core muscles and lower back are essential to overall good health and longevity.

Wishing ALL here a safe conclusion to this long winter, continued good health and long life.

Spring is a great time for renewal!

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Hearing about this kind of weather really makes Okinawa the best prefecture to live due to no temperature below 50 degrees and no winter weather ie no snow, no ice and no uncomfortable temperatures.

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@baroque1888 we get the point

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Winds at up to 75kph today where I'm stationed at this summer winter. Started last night and as of now, I can still here the wind.

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Stationed at this winter. Still "hear" the wind.

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I went from sunny California to Maine for college. It was much like this - one which one does not want to return to.

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When I was a kid, snow piled up way higher in Hokkaido than in that picture. We jumped out from a window on the 3rd floor and landed just a meter below. Guess the kids nowadays get scared if snow is deeper than their ankle.

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Wow, that's a LOT of snow!

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I'm glad I live in Tokyo.

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