Hibiya subway line in Tokyo to get new station at Toranomon Hills


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and Tokyo Metro Co are planning to build a new station on the Hibiya subway line in preparation for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

An official announcement will be made next week, media reported Saturday.

Construction will begin summer on the new station which will be situated between Kamiyacho and Kasumigaseki stations near the west side of Toranomon Hills, NTV reported.

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What? It's at most a ten-minute stroll from Kasumigaseki to Kamiyacho. There is absolutely no way at all this can be justified as responsible spending.

What a surprise, the Olympic gravy train has turned out to be a bonanza for people involved in unnecessary construction works.

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It's at most a ten-minute stroll from Kasumigaseki to Kamiyacho.

No, it's not. It's 1.3 km as the crow flies, meaning it's a 16 minute walk.


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Kamiyacho to Roppongi is quite a hike as well, with the first part of it uphill. Hibiya to Ginza, by contrast, is an easy walk, and definitely shorter. This subway line doesn't seem to have been planned very well. The other thing is that at Nakameguro it merges with the Toyoko line, whose number of cars seems to be fewer. There's a station just before Yokohama (can't remember which -- Myorenji? Hakuraku?) whose platform is so short the doors on one or more of the cars aren't opened during stops of the local. This problem may have been rectified.

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Between Kamiyacho and Kasumigaseki was the longest between stations for the Hibiya line. Don't know if it warrants a new station but it will defenitely be a god send for the people commuting to Toranomon Hills

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It is only a godsend for the extremely lazy. Toranomon Hills is already extremely easy to get to from Kamiyacho. Not every tall building needs a train station right beneath it.

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I agree with everybody here saying that this is a complete waste of money and our taxes!!!

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Although it is around 300-400 metres away from Toranomon hills, I wonder if they might have a walkway connecting this new station to Toranomon station on the Ginza line.

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will any body benefit from this new train station AFTER the olympics has finished ?

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Kickboard -

No, it's not. It's 1.3 km as the crow flies, meaning it's a 16 minute walk.

I beg to differ. I've walked it a thousand times. It's ten minutes max. This new station is of no value to anyone but the terminally lazy, and of course the construction companies and concomitant yaks/tame politicos who will be lining their pockets with "unforeseen procurement difficulties" causing "regrettable" "budget reassessments" for the next half-dozen years.

All of which will be coming out of our pockets. It's preposterous. We are told we have to suck it up and swallow tax increases to help the nation's parlous fiscal situation, and in the same breath announce p!ssing away billions of yen on white elephants like this and we're supposed to give them a round of applause.

You can't play both games at once. We are either seriously addressing the budget problems with unpalatable medicine which will eventually balance the books, or we've got money to burn. This is a boondoggle, pure and simple.

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Maybe Ministry of LITT had to come up with an idea to spend their budgets full otherwise having it cut the next year. They should spend the money for underground electrical wires little by little if they have to spend.

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That area has nothing to do with the Olympics. Funnily enough, it is right next to all the ministries, which I visit at least twice a week. If you know the exits, it's less than 10 minutes to walk to Kamiyacho from Kasumigaseki, so sticking another station in the middle is just another way of gifting tax money to construction companies and all others with greased palms in between. Increase all our taxes then hurl the money at those who paid bribes and supporteed the LDP!

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Mori, the owners of Toranomon Hills, advertise the place as 6 mins from Kamiyacho (Hibiya line) and 5 mins from Toranomon (Ginza line).

As many Tokyoites are loathe to walk the length of themselves, of course we need a new station.

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Furthermore, if you're on the hibiya line and want to go to Toranomon, wouldn't it be simpler to change to the Ginza line (at Ginza) then get out at Toranomon? If walking to Toranomon Hills from Toranomon is too much effort for you, then you don't really want to go there.

I don't want to go there either, but I'm not demanding they build a train station for me.

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Wonder how much cash was 'exchanged' by Mori to make this happen... A new building doesn't warrant the rerouting of an entire train line!

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10 minutes - 15 minutes, is still 10-15 minutes.

Not mentioned in the article, the future plans include developing the area further and the need for another station increases, the new station complex will also link to a new bus terminal in the area as well (not mentioned in this English article).

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To make Olympics an absolute success, they make sure no single stone is left unturned. That’s Japan way. How to go to Olympic? Go to any station--look for big guide board telling you how to get to station XXX--exit XXX--follow the crowd.

Reminds me of my non-American American taxi driver ! (! )# 「! 」? : @! ~ _! & % # USA for a good 30 minutes during the ride.

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