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High court dismisses claim of unjust contract termination by 7-Eleven


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Convenience store should be open 24//7 in Japan. That’s the whole concept of it being convenient! Almost none of the supermarkets in Japan operate after 9 or 10pm and gas stations don’t have in-house shops so it’s important to keep convenience stores operational for the general public. Lack of staff is a common excuse used by companies for everything but in reality they don’t want to hire staff and pay them decent wages!

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7-11 means open at 7:00am closing at 11:00pm NOT open 24hrs.

So the man was right in refusing to operate the store 24hrs. he is following the principles of the founders of this business but when GREED takes over the minds of some of us we Conveniently forget .

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Many of the convenience stores around me now close over night because they "cannot get the staff".

Of course, what they really mean is that they are offering poverty wages and therefore nobody wants to work for such a pittance.

I hope they go out of business.

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Well, the store is called 7-11, not 12n-12m.

Also, what's the point of 24-7 convenience stores when there are very diverse vending machines?

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I understand that not everyone wants to orlikes to work overnight at a combini based on the fact that the hours, the level of rubbish you have to put up with from the customers and pay rate isn't always great which would lead to lesser people applying for these types of jobs, but......

 the fact that about 320 complaints had been received about his behavior

.......makes it a YOU problem and not really a store problem. Though they could've replaced him and transfer emolpyees from a different store to keep things flowing would've been the best solution for this situation.

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The number of complaints is meaningless. Everyone knows that in the workplace when someone powerful is out to get someone powerless, anonymous, nebulous "complaints" materialize out of thin air. They were probably never real to begin with.

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If the contract with Seven-Eleven Japan states that part of the deal is operating 24/7 then it seems pretty obvious that the franchise owner is in the wrong. He can start his own convenience store named Matsumoto that operates from 6am-1am if he wants.

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I do question the requirement to keep all 7-11s, no matter the location, open 24/7. While it makes sense in urban environments, in smaller towns they are basically forcing them to stay open for hours on end during which time they probably get almost no customers. Its extremely inefficient and they force the franchisees in those locations to eat that cost in order to sustain a system that only makes sense for busy conbinis in urban areas.

If they stick to this hardline stance, they'll probably lose a lot of those locations because the business model makes no sense to potential franchisees.

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Not all branches are open 24/7. I used to go to a 7-Eleven in the suburbs of Aichi that closed at night.

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Well, if he was rude to customers then he should have the contract terminated.

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Thats why its never a good thing to have bussiness with a large company. In most cases they are exploitators...

i feel for a poor guy, hope he survives this.

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These franchises can destroy people. I know an elderly chap, lovely fella who had a Mini Stop franchise. They made his life hell, he took them to court, lost and ultimately gave up the store.

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Not a surprising result since the company had a lot against Matsumoto, they may be just excuses and things that could be said about many other operators, but in this case they are very useful to justify the termination of the contract. Unfortunately he needed to be a perfect operator to have a chance of winning the claim.

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That is terrible . The company name is not 24x7, it is called 7x11, he doesn’t have to keep it open 24 hours. That’s crazy.

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