High court rejects residents' appeal to halt nuclear reactors


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It said the risk of a massive volcanic eruption on Mt Aso in neighboring Kumamoto Prefecture was small enough to be "disregarded according to common sense."

I also believe they said the same thing about a large tsunami hitting the east coast. How did that work out for you Japan?

"disregarded according to common sense." - Common sense would tell you the risk is great enough to close the plant. Only stupidity would make you believe there is no risk.

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Would love to know where the District Court is getting their information to make such a determination. I really doubt that they have the qualifications to make such a decision.

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"Safety myth of nuclear power" is about to revive in Japan again.

Japanese Judges are still very obedient to Abe government who has appointment rights of judge or bureaucrats.

Even practicability of evacuation plans have been not investigated in Japan unlike other countries.

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This is getting really ridiculous.

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