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New bus automatically stops upon detecting if driver is ill


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Call a spade a spade, it is to detect the driver falling asleep.

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or having a heart attack.

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Well done! This tech will save people.

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What if he leans over to pick something up?  Or whatever?

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What if his trousers are rucked up around his undercarriage, and he has to readjust his posture to untangle his doodahs?

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What happens when the driver turns back to talk to a passenger or check something?

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Much simpler solution don't force ill people to drive.

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Needs to be mandatory for all vehicles.

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A camera will monitor the driver's posture to detect any unnatural positions, including the angle of the head or leaning heavily to one side.

Hope 'puking out the window while driving' was included.

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I think this should be introduced for all vehicles, to be specifically calibrated for when a bee flies in the window while my wife is driving at 80km/h on the highway.

There should also be a special compartment to dispense clean linen for the hapless fellow in the passenger seat, who, by methods incomprehensible to the Wit of Mankind has been decreed somehow to blame for her swerving all over the road, screeching and howling at the temporary anthrophilic intrusion.

I would much prefer AI to take control of the wheel away from a flailing, shrieking menopausal woman in such circumstances . And the provision of said clean breeks might not be necessary, but always worth having as an option, should the worst come to the worst.

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Some comments like 'What if' are not funny and utterly nonsense.

This new tech is very good for everyone. Soon there will be more better tech. For now let's just praise and respect.

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