Hiroshima survivor recalls working on tram after A-bomb


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Interesting and sad story. For many, many years I have believed that the use of atomic weapons on Japan was completely unnecessary and inhumane. A blockade of Tokyo harbor, Shimizu harbor, and the eastern and western entry access points to Japanese ports in the inland sea of Japan would have stopped the war and stopped tens of thousand of deaths on both sides. I think that the US wanted to show Russia the power it had at the expense of war victims.

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its a sad story for sure but this is the number one reason you dont start wars with USA, Hisotory shall be learn. The guys with the biggest gun will fire first regardless. Lets not hope this happen again with any other nation who owns nukes/

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Five of the six US five-star officers during the war said the same thing - the bombing was unnecessary and wrong. Japan was powerless, had no fight left, no supplies and the terms of surrender were exactly the same as the Japanese had offered in April through the Swiss. There was no need for even a blockade.

The "plan" to invade Japan was a diversion because the Manhattan Project was secret. Even Truman didn't know it existed until Roosevelt died.

Truman wrote in his diary that Japan would surrender when Russia declared war against Japan. And that is when the surrender came. The surrender was "accepted" after Russia and the world saw the power of the atomic bomb that only the US possessed.

There was a plan by General Curtis LeMay (the man who bragged that his incendiary raid on Tokyo had killed more people in less time than any person in history) to take the next 50 bombs produced and bomb 50 cities across Russia.

There were Senators who argued to Truman that no surrender should be accepted. That every bomb produced should be dropped on Japan until there were no Japanese people left on earth.

Truman refused to drop another bomb after hearing the reports of the casualties from Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He said that he did not have the stomach to kill more women and children. Truman was under great pressure after the war to answer why he used the weapons on a defeated country. He came up with the argument during a speech a few years after the war that it saved a million lives that would have been lost in an invasion.

There was never going to be an invasion of the mainland. The American people new from Iwo Jima and Okinawa that it was a preposterous strategy. There were massive demonstrations in Washington DC by the families of men killed and hurt in the invasions. The public knew that they could have simply waited off shore since nothing and no one could get on or off.

Hiroshima had no military bases or significance. The Naval base across the bay was undamaged. The city, just like Nagasaki, was a test bed to see how far the kill radius was and how wide the damage would be.

All of the above are facts from historical records and Truman's own handwriting in his diary.

Were the Japanese leaders to blame for Hiroshima? Not an easy answer, since they did sue for peace in April.

Were the 200,000 mostly civilian women and children who died responsible?

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One has to wonder about the apoptotic stories of future Nuclear war. Assuming we survive, then 3 days afterwards we can get back to work... just like this lovely youthful Lady did. What an inspiration.

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I remember a few years ago NHK had a docudrama about the train company and aftermath. Within three days they were able to get 110 trams operating. Amazing achievement.

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