Hisss and hers: When women are best at spotting snakes


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If they had just ovulated is it not possible they saw the snake as something else? Hmmm. Just throwing it out there.

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So are we supposed to interpret this story as women who are ready to be impregnated can spot long flaccid objects immediately?

Why don't they try the experiment again but with cucumbers.

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Agreed, of all the creatures, why chose a snake for the study, as it clearly resembles a sexual organ and thus compromises the findings.

And why on earth is this story about snakes and ovulation from Paris displayed as "National" news in a website dedicated to Japan?

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What a bizarre and useless study. So what future potential does this study provide? Outback tours for the freshly ovulating? travel healthy insurance will be cheaper if they can provide proof of ovulation? Weird.

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Ermmmm.....I had to read this article 3 times to get my head round it! I am so relieved to know that there are think tanks out there doing this kind of research. Now I know why I have this irrational fear of the garden a couple of days or so every month. Here was me thinking I was going bonkers. I mean, a cure for cancer, the common cold, even research on the hazards of consuming radioactive food the rest of your life can wait when groundbreaking research such as this is being analyzed!

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Figures. So Eve was ovulating, and that's why she --not Adam-- spotted the snake first, hahaha.

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Why waste money on such things? How about a study as to why women in Japan are interested in careers??

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Leave it to the Japanese to come up with something like this.

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