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Hog cholera infection detected at Japanese agriculture lab


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They're not domesticated, they're bred for a life of fear - imprisonment and experimentation. They're not culled, they're killed. The reason this disease spread is because animals like these pigs are kept in appalling, cramped and inhumane conditions.

It's a disgrace on a global scale, the suffering that people put millions of animals through on a daily basis.

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Maria, I couldn't agree with you more. Slowly people are waking up and realizing that this inhumane treatment of animals simply cannot continue.

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So the giant dirt mounds are for burying them alive ?

all this for a 5 minute taste people like ?

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Japan experienced its first outbreak in 1992 and declared the virus eradicated in 2007, before the discovery in Gifu last year.

It obviously came from abroad.

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A farm I could understand but an Agricultural Lab? A review of procedures might be in order.

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This website may be of interest,


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They probably have lax simple biosecurity measures in place. Everyone should shower in and shower out of the facility. Modern hog barns (often Japan fails in this) are cleaner than hospitals.

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It obviously came from abroad.

so what if it came from abroad, its the lax quarantine and farm hygiene in Japan which allows it to spread, I mean how many outbreaks of foot in mouth, pig flue, bird flue hog cholera, mad cow disease outbreaks have there been in Japan over the years Ive lost count. At least Japanese can now buy from countries like Australia and NZ that have almost no outbreaks in the last 50yrs. Food safety Japan image is almost non existentant in my view.

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These types of outbreaks either came from wild boars infecting the hogs or someone intentionally infected them. Once the sows are infected their offspring is also infected. They will have to cull them and they would have to hunt all of the infected wild boars in that area. Considering its been eradicated in the US and EU then the only other place it could come from somewhere closer.

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They're not culled, they're killed.

And they are killed for convenience. A quarantine would cost them time and money they won't spend on the pigs they abuse.

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Pack dirty, disgusting stalls with one of natures most intelligent animals wallowing in their own waste, tortured and abused and then be surprised at the rapid spread of an untreatable virus.

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