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Pair of Hokkaido melons fetch ¥3.5 mil in auction; 2nd highest bid on record


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That's a nice set of melons you got there!

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At the May 2020 auction, when COVID-19 was spreading, a pair of Yubari melons fetched just 120,000 yen

Honestly I'm not sure if I'd pay even 12,000 for a single pair of melons, that's just ludicrous.

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This auction and the ¥3.5 mil final bid I believe should be viewed, full appreciated, the value in the publicity (PR) for Kiyomichi Noda, CEO of Hokuyupack Co........a Yubari-based company that packs fruit and vegetables.

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I could probably afford half a teaspoonful of these melons! The taste must be jaw-dropping - but alas I can only imagine.

Congratulations to the successful bidder - Kiyomichi Noda, CEO of Hokuyupack Co. A great shot in the arm for the melon industry up Yubari way.

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Cruisn beat me to it.

Well played, sir. Well played indeed.

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Honestly I'm not sure if I'd pay even 12,000 for a single pair of melons, that's just ludicrous.

its just advertising, hyping a product, so the rubes can pay exuberant amounts for fruit in Japin

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Honestly I'm not sure if I'd pay even 12,000 for a single pair of melons, that's just ludicrous.

I know plenty of guys that spend that or more on a pair of melons. 12,000 is actually cheap by todays going rate!

-9 ( +6 / -15 )

a single pair of melons, 

Oh and by the way, melons dont come in pairs, well sorry, they do, but not in this form anyway.

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That's a nice set of melons you got there!

Nice size, and plenty firm I am sure!

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I've been in a lot of places at fruit-harvest time and usually the fruit is going cheaply there at that time but, curiously, finding a cheap melon in Yubari at harvest time was impossible. I wonder if I didn't look hard enough or whether some kind of monkey business was going on.

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That's a nice set of melons you got there!

(Mutters to self) Sure the look nice but those can't be real....

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Premium fruit often fetch very high prices at first auctions in Japan, with buyers using successful bids for promotional purposes.

Missed this sentence.

I ending up stating the flipping obvious.

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what is wrong with this world?

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It should be obvious given where Yubari is and when these go on sale, but I wonder if most folks realize these are grown over a Hokkaido winter in heavily heated poly tunnels. The fuel consumption must be immense.

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I actually spent over 100,000 yen, brought 5 melons, for a friends Birthday treat, then had to ask the farmer next door neighbor how to present, his wife was a god send.

I was waving a cleaver of sorts ready to hack the living daylights out of my five expensive purchases.

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Sausages and Melos say the bells of St Helens, lol

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A pair of very expensive tax-deductible pair of melons that must not be squeezed.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

I would prefer Cobain’s smashed nevermind fender guitar for $595,000. Melons go off!

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The buyer got scammed big time. The money would have been better spent on a good vacation.

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I will be satisfied for two dollars melon from Mexico

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Those things cost about ¥500 here. I think the wooden box is worth more than those melons. But I suppose that's because carpentry's hobby of mine.

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When you consider this in the wider scheme of the world, this is actually rather repulsive. $25,000USD for two pieces of fruit that would cost between $1 and $10 anywhere else in the world, while people are struggling to pay rent, losing their homes to wars, etc. It honestly makes me embarrassed to live in Japan.

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Price markup for morons. I can guarantee that the $50.00 melon I bought, which is expensive enough, tastes as good as a $35,000.00 melon does. Materialistic elitism at its worst. Poor guy doesn't realize people are laughing at him not with him.

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It's tough to find a genuinely nice pair of melons in Japan - oftentimes when you see some that are of a decent size by Western standards, it turn out they were artifically grown and I'm just not interested. However, now and then, if you're lucky, a 100% natural pair will come your way.

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just plain stupid

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

If these pair of melons, the exact pair, was offered in Aeon supermarket for 35,000 yen, would he, or, for that matter, anyone would have bought it?

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If some one paid that much money for a melon, I wonder how much the by product is worth once consumed and comes out of the other end! It must be golden!!!

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What? Two water melons? Worth 3.5 M Yen?

Who bought them? Why did he not give half

of the price he paid for them to me? Do I have one hundred yen

in my bank? No! I have two hundred.

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What is wrong with Japan. They're melons. They will go bad in a few weeks.

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

I bought 2 melon for 3.54 dollars

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It’s immoral to use that kind of money on food. What kind of message does that send to poorer countries? It’s BONKERS!

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Conspicuous consumption at its best!

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It's just a marketing show. Same as the Tuna auction. Not worth trying to figure it out.

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