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Hokkaido town considers signing up for nuclear waste disposal site survey


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is studying whether to apply for the survey on final disposal sites "as a solution to the population decline and financial difficulties" it has been facing.

Oh that's why, lot of rural area in Japan facing similar issues.

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Economic suicide. I don’t buy food products from Tohoku or Kanto, I don’t want to add Hokkaido to this list.

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Drill under the Kasumigaseki in Tokyo or under the Diet and put the nuclear garbage there. the politicians in cahoots with the likes of TEPCO created this monster. Hokkaido will be very foolish to accept these bribes, the lives of future generations and the environment is at stake.

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Many of the current towns and villages hosting nuclear power plants were also experiencing population decline and financial difficulties, local industries were dying off; so they took successive rounds of money from the government and power utilities. 40 years later, as these NPPs themselves are being closed down, they are getting back to where they started. Maybe a lesson for Suttsu?

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haha, not far from niseko !

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you have one already, it's called Fukushima

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Does not sound like a good idea for one of Japan's most fertile lands.  There are many other desert areas in the world . . . .

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Rather lacking in important detail. Article does not say what the waste consists of or the half life of the proposed waste. Important as it can vary a great deal between barely above background level with a half life in a few years to spent fuel rods which are highly radioactive and half life of some material in the hundreds of thousands of years which will need secure storage for longer than H. Sapiens has existed.

At least the “spent” fuel (current reactors only burn about 5% of the fuel) can be used in advanced reactors being developed eg. Moltex Energy’s Waste Burner Stable Salt Reactor which should use over 95% and leave only a small amount of much shorter half life product. Others also but not so sure of the figures for them.

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Map graphic?

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