Sparks of hope for Japan fireworks industry as home product demand rises


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Hopefully, they’ll hold off until the rest of us can get back into the country.

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I hope so.

Our local fireworks display was supposed to go ahead this coming weekend, but the bed-wetters in the city council campaigned successfully for its cancellation again.

Instead of stopping the event, these nervous Nellies should just let people decide for themselves whether they want to attend. People who are afraid can stay home, and everyone who wants to go can enjoy the night.

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Japanese fireworks and festivals are the best in the world! Hurry up and open the borders so others can enjoy them as well!

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We’ve been waiting long enough, open up already…we all promise to wear our masks

and run the other way when you look at us sideways

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Good to see the displays coming back. Friends have been sending videos of their ones.

Ibaraki is hosting a massive 90-minute fireworks show in September 2022. Non-stop fireworks for one and a half hours –

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one of the few companies that hope their business goes up in smoke!

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Good luck with that.

some University in my area caught on fire from the “limited” fireworks shows they put on this year.

way to bring back a 2 year hiatus tradition guys.

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This year there are also fewer Japanese, minus 600,000. Foreigners minus 100,000. Covid probably. Or maybe yellow troll disease.

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Japan definitely has some of the most spectacular pyrotechnics displays ive ever viewed.

But iam a bit concerned how easily fireworks are purchased and even by children and not behind the counter.

I noticed in Japan the regulations for selling , purchasing or storage are not equal standards compared to the USA .UK or Canada.

And what happened to Abe san should be of concern in regards to gunpowder

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Thankyou China for your gift of Gunpowder

I read it was actually the Mongols that created gunpowder not the Chinese

But i wasn't there so how could say for sure.

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Japan definitely has some of the most spectacular pyrotechnics displays ive ever viewed.

Try Las Fallas in Valencia....

Yes they are goof here but plenty of other places have great disp[ays too.

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Hardly any large fireworks festivals have been scheduled for Tokyo this year, but a few minutes north of Tokyo’s Kita-ku, across the Arakawa River, the city of Kawaguchi will be sending nearly 10,000 fireworks into the air on the evening of 5 November. No sweat, no mosquitoes, just a cozy autumn evening.

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Large fireworks, unlike in other countries, are not usually bought by the public. They are for pyrotechnic display companies. Just the small stuff like sparklers for children and handheld fireworks.

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China just put on a fireworks show!!! At least they can take credit for inventing something instead of stealing it and that is gunpowder.

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"This year, however, has seen events go ahead with infection prevention measures in prefectures including Hokkaido, Akita, Niigata and Shizuoka."

What prevention measures? Places where they are holding festivals are more packed then ever, which is one reason the rate of infections shot up exponentially.

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