Hopes rise for missing 2 Japanese divers off Bali


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they need a vacation in Hawaii.

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Hope the rescue team can find them sooooon!!!!! Best news of the day!!!

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Good news. i admit i was doubtful and agreed with AKB (doesn't often happen). nice to have some good news sometimes.

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I really hope they find them all alive and well so we can have a happy ending to this incident.

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Really great news. Hope for the speedy recovery of these ladies.

People talking about "lessons that should have been learned" are missing the point. Diving is an inherently dangerous activity. All the best precautions in the world ... and sometimes accidents still happen.

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@elbuda Mexicano

Silence is golden! You wrote the seven ladies off two days ago now you have a change of heart its ok all is forgiven. Next time think before you write negative things. Just because it happened in Bali your comment was "wait for the Ransom" was not NICE at all the Balinease people are very nice people and from day one they worked very hard and diligently searching for these missing women your comment was not appropriate for the time and for the Balinease people you owe an apology. So man up or zip it up.

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It sounds like these divers were ill prepared & careless in planning safety precautions. Many countless stories of a similar predicament & yet a lesson should have been learned. Not here though...

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A scuba diving instructor student said today they often carry floats and mirrors, but not flares - I think that would be a good idea - like skiers or sailors.

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4 days without food. I cant even go 1 hour without some sort of snack or candy. Hope the last 2 are also found alive.

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i pray for them. japanese woman is the strongest human in the world.

Really?I'd like to know your reasoning behind that.

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i pray for them. japanese woman is the strongest human in the world.

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I really doubt that a GPS tracker could be that expensive and the women that have been found alive, well are VERY LUCKY to be alive, I do hope the others are found alive and well!

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“We caused many people so much worry over this case,” one of the divers, Saori Furukawa, wrote

But you will undoubtedly provide much inspiration as well. I foresee a Japanese version of "Open Water" in the make....

Hope the other two are brought home safely soon.

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That is good news indeed. I wonder if things would have been helped along with a GPS tracker or something like that although it might be expensive.

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