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Hosting the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics was picked as the top domestic news story of 2021. Image: AP file

Hosting Tokyo Olympics, Paralympics chosen as top domestic news in 2021


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Was the GoTo Travel debacle considered 2020?

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has been picked as the top domestic news story of 2021 by senior editors of Kyodo News and its member or subscriber newspapers and broadcasters.

In the editors of Kyodo we trust right???Government triumphing over the will of the people, natural disasters and some human interest stories. The State of Journalism 2021.

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Is that a list of “top news” of the year?

Or the biggest jokes of the year involving Japan?

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I think Ohtani's MLB performance this year was much more of a news story than the Shogi prodigy. Perhaps its not considered domestic news. But then again, if Mako and Kimura both lived in the US, wouldn't it be considered domestic news? Probably.

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these reminds me of this year. this year is not so good. only ohtani san is good news for me.

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Congratulations for a successful Olympics, Japan.

Elden Ring also wins the most looking forward to game WORLDWIDE in TGA. And a ton other japanese games also won prestige awards.

Japan has a great year.

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Also, the ONLY country with a huge turn-around 2021, from 5000 cases a day to just 200-300 a day.

Omedeito, Japan!

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Also, another great news is the Nintendo Switch surpassing 100m sales, being one of the best selling consoles ever, beating American Xbox by a way mile.

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In a country of controlled news and neutered introspection it's unfortunately not a surprise

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Olympics No1?

They came, went, did anyone really pay much attention?

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@Mr. Kipling

Whole world does, there are a bunch of unforgettable moments.

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Shohei ohtani didn't make the list? He was all over the news for months.

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Mr Kipling


They came, went, did anyone really pay much attention?

Yes, many in the world was curious how Japan could pull it off.

Staging an Olympics during the worst pandemic in a century? There’s a widespread perception that it couldn’t happen in a better place than Japan....Japan is one of the few places in the world that could even consider pulling off the high-stakes tightrope walk that the Tokyo Games represent. (AP)

And Japan indeed successfully pulled it off. Superspreading, feared by some, never happened. Japanese people stayed home to watch their own athletes winning 27 gold medals, the third after US and China. That's the legacy of the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Before Tokyo Olympics Games (January): Only 27% supported the Olympics

After Tokyo Olympics Games (August): 64% supported the Olympics

This stunning turnaround shows nothing but success in the mind of Japanese people: they were not disappointed.

You really cannot compare this one with another Olympics due to the pandemic situation. Still,

The good news trumpeted by NBC: 17 nights of prime time coverage on the broadcast network ranked just behind Sunday Night Football as the second-most-watched show of the 2020-21 TV season. Viewers streamed a record 5.5 billion minutes of events across social media and online platforms such as NBCOlympics.com, the NBC Sports app and the streaming service Peacock. Those figures make the Tokyo Games the most-streamed Olympics ever... (NPR)

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70 % of the population are vaccinated is not correct !

That would be 70% of the "adult "population of Japanese citizens that have a my number card or are in the system - supposedly.

But Japan consistently announcing its announcements were previously incorrect so we don't really know what to believe anymore anyway.

A statistical nightmare of epic stupendous announcements .

If the top news is the Olympics and Paralympics then whats all the other news doing in the article.

Top news from 1 to 10 so far for year 2021 ?

Maybe they should have waited till the new year for this article to release.

Its a bit perplexing why its now.

Japan is very consistent in always looking back but has a very difficult time moving forward.

And iam not comparing Japan to other countries.

An observation.

And yes if people are given the opportunity to comment then complaining is to be expected .

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Surely, the massive debt being incurred to prop up Japanese companies and NOT the people should be the issue here.

How about zombie companies receiving government largesse?

How about the massive number of medical staff being overworked and still underpaid?

The anaemic wages in Japan that somehow are chronically ignored?

The inability of most Japanese people in 2021 not being able to enjoy an economically stable retirement?

Having just returned from the UK and being familiar with ticket prices, the number of planes allowing Kansai residents to bypass a transit stop in Tokyo are either 1.price gouging or 2.unavailable.

If government aid is allowing companies to continue then why is it that Kansai is being ignored.

Also, Covid restrictions can and ARE being flouted by Japanese returning into Tokyo and the continuing on to far flung destinations.

Surely, the mass media in Japan has a myriad of subjects to focus on?

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