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Huge floods sweep southern Japan; two dead, 18 missing


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Here in Yamaguchi, the rain came so quickly and so hard in a short space of time - a few hours.

I caught footage of it flooding my street where there was at least 3 inches and a river running down the street. It went from just cloudy to torrential rain and thunderstorm in a matter of moments. And we didn't even get it as bad as Kyushu!

Praying for the victims.

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So sad For these people I hope they Can have a speedy recovery and Aid to repair their homes and lives.

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Take care, people! This land is hit with every kind of natural disaster you can name and then some. Prepare as best as you can, be careful when and where you can, and help each other.

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Great. All of Kumamoto was just issued a tornado warning. Kinda missed the wind, actually - it's been two whole days since the typhoon.

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