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Hundreds of Japanese stranded overseas amid coronavirus travel curbs


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Nobody should be stranded. Those working or living abroad have homes there, are residents and so can stay put. Those on holiday were out of their crazy minds to travel abroad in the first place. It's not like they only found out about the pandemic last week. Expatriates (or migrants) should stay put for the moment. They'll only bring back more cases to Japan like we have seen in China and Hong Kong recently. And we all know the Japanese authorities don't have the guts to force people into quarantine or, at the very least, self-isolation.

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Why? They’ve had three months to return. Why are people still stuck overseas?

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Probably think the government is going to send a charter plane for them like they did in Wuhan!

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Those on holiday were out of their crazy minds to travel abroad in the first place. It's not like they only found out about the pandemic last week. 

Here in Okinawa, we recently had an "imported" case that came to light, as during the off period for schools that Abe declared at the beginning of the month, a 19 year old girl and her family went to Spain.

They came back to Narita, where the girl tested positive, but left the testing area, against the will of the people there, prior to her test results coming back, her other family members, 4 I believe it was, tested negative. THey took a bus to Haneda, then a plane to Okinawa.

Heiwa boke..... "Oh this kind of stuff only happens to OTHER people" "If I wear a mask I'll be fine" as they pull the mask down to cover their mouth to cough and pick their nose!

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If they were working abroad, then either they should stay where the are as the have a place to stay, or their company should be responsible for bringing them back. If they were on holiday, then it is up to them to pay for their flight back. I have no problem with a charter flight to Peru, as long as each traveler pays for it out of pocket and they also are quarantined for 2-3 weeks.

Yubaru, we had the same situation up here. A group of Oyajis decided to travel to Spain from March 5-15. Came back, never checked at Narita, took the shinkansen home, and now Aomori has not 1, but 6 cases, and I'm sure the number will grow. How stupid, thoughtless, and reckless can you be. There is real vitriol regarding these people in the city.

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There is another category of Japanese who may be negatively affected; those who are in foreign countries based on immigration visas that can only be renewed at the consular office in Japan. They could end up being forced into overstays unless the host countries can make special accomodations.

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World is not always peaceful and safe and happy. Travelers should know how to get out of there in case of such crisis before going overseas. Those who traveled abroad amid pandemic must be stupidest people. It seems nobody can help them.

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China just closed it borders, even permanent resident visa holders. Japan business will really suffer.

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Despite the Diamond Princess situation around 30 cruise ships that set sail since then are now in limbo at various locations and unable to berth.

I wonder if there are many locals on them?

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Hey Japan, I think I might wanna go home, can you snag me a nice small jet, thanks in advance!

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Gaijin returning to Japan might not be allowed including those with PR especially from Europe and other highly infected areas.

A permanent resident I know is in Germany for work and his contract has expired and is supposed to return to Japan.He called immigration various times to ask whether he will be allowed back to Japan and they told him"Wakarimasen".

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Some Japanese are still coming to Hawaii when there is 14 day quarantine and stay at home order.

Governor said tourists don't come for 30 days.

Everything non essential is shut down restaurants take out only, beaches and malls closed, hotels.

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Well those that left Japan to travel for leisure within the past six weeks should NOT ask for help; companies who sent employees overseas should PAY charters themselves to get them back.

I myself cancelled two overseas trips because of this, one in February and one in March. It's called criticallly analysing the situation and taking responsibility for YOUR own actions. The writing has been on the wall since at least mid-January.

It's ridiculous that many people, even now, seem to be flying out of Japan for all sorts of selfish reasons.

All non-essential travel to/from Japan should have been BANNED at least a month ago.

Japanese people: YOU need to take responsibility. YOUR government doesn't care about you.

It's just utterly unbelievable how their had been a total of a sense of crisis here until the DAY AFTER the Olympics were postponed.

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I can see why there are (so many) negative comments concerning "Hundreds of Japanese stranded overseas amid coronavirus travel curbs."

That's the easy part.

So let's be a bit positive here and brainstorm a bit .

Any realistic suggestions on how the Japanese (or any government) could bring 10 citizens back from Cote d'Ivoire?


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@Gary. As there are few flights in or out, probably a sea route, or perhaps overland to somewhere with more flight options is preferable? I highly doubt there will be a Japanese government sponsored rescue mission to Cote d'Ivoire to evacuate just 10 citizens. Whatever route they decide is best, they are probably going to have to pay some serious bribes.

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Tora, except for the bribes that is pretty well what the article said.

"The circumstances are different for each country. In some cases, they can cross over into a neighboring country and fly home from there," Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi told an upper house committee meeting.

"We are looking at options for how to bring these people back safely."


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Sorry, but they should stay put. All movement carries the risk of spreading the virus.

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Everyone is in the same boat, Backpackers in Australia & New Zealand are having a particularly rough time... they cant work, can't afford to live anywhere, and can afford to pay for a flight back home ... even if there was one available!

Well, the Beaches are closed there, so there must be plenty of unused Pedalo's lying around.... Wouldn't be surprised if Google Maps were to shortly provide directions for the optimum route out of the country via that mode of transport.

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@gary I was actually leaning toward a sea route. Thought they might bribe some smugglers or other vagabonds but then I did some searching and found it's actually a lovely place with awezome beaches and stuff so it might be best to stay put. And only 72 Coronavirus positives in the entire country. Better than many alternatives!

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