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IAEA offers to help TEPCO monitor radiation in sea


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Sorry Amano, I can't see TEPCO letting any international agency near the plant. They have too much too hide.

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Purely damage limitation to salvage the nuclear brand.

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Amano is to visit Japan to discuss the issue with government officials, the Mainichi said

when? btw, it is already too late.

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This is exactly why the Japanese navy is asking for more surveillance in the Pacific Ocean: to block the IAEA and other scientists from discovering the daily volumes of contaminated water discharged into the ocean and the extent damage done to sea life. Blue-fin tuna anyone?

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“A highly reliable monitoring system that conforms to international standards is necessary,” he said. They still don't have this? Aaahhhhhhhh what are tese clowns doing?

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High time IAEA changes leadership and value proposition otherwise its global reputation is on the line. Of all support, it is offering monitoring the ocean! Why not the entire ecosystem and food chain that has been greatly compromised. Is fish the only concern? People fear to buy food from shelves, drink water, literally everything........

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This is so unbelievable our entire planet is at stake here. What are these idiots doing? Obviously they had no clue what they were doing when they built these dam things. God help us.

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