IAEA ready to send monitor team for Fukushima water release


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A deep underground storehouse for nuclear waste in an earthquake-prone country is certainly a surprising idea. Shall we all move to Finland, then?

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Monitor only at the request of GOJ.? This will be a clear indicator of Japan's intent on safety and its stance on nukes. Abe refusing to meet with ICAN after the organization received the Nobel Peace Prize showed that Japan is not serious about nuclear arms proliferation or control so now we can watch what their stance will be on nuke safety.

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IAEA - intent on promoting the 'safe' use of nuclear power.

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IAEA - intent on promoting the 'safe' use of nuclear power.

There is no safe energy source with the possible exception of geo-thermal.

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I’m quite sure there won’t be any invitations to any international or impartial parties to witness the release of this highly radioactive water.

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I misread the headline and for a moment wondered why IKEA was getting involved with the Fukushima clean up when it doesn't even have a store there.

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Wanderlust above is right. I am sure the IEAE will send a public relations team to make sure Japan does not rock the boat for everyone else trying to keep nuclear the go-to green and cheap solution.

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