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IAEA says it's monitoring Fukushima and ready to help


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IAEA... your about 2 years and 5 months too late ... ><

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It's pretty unlikely TEPCO would let any other agency in to help because if they did they would have to expose the complete balls up they have made of it over the last 2.5 years. But, they would have no qualms in taking money, of course.

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IAEA was formed primarily to promote nuclear energy. Therefore, the more japan produces energy from nucleat, regarless of the safety and security measures in place; regardless of the old nuke plants it boasts of, then IAEA is happy. The missing link is an authority to ensure hold govts accountable since as shown with fukushima, the poisoning due to faulty plant is not only limited to Japan. The new authority should ensure compliance strict guidelines of the dangerous technology and this is what should be formed without delay. Bogus govts are exploiting this loophole for cheap political gains at the expense of entire global ecosystems.

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If asked? What makes them think TEPCO will wisen up and actually ask for help, when they have turned away all offers for help (not including financial help, which those criminals have been all too eager to accept) since 3/11?

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“The IAEA continues to be ready to provide assistance on request.”

Seems IAEA does not know the type of business it is into! Nuclear energy is an unforgiving business and should not be left solely to careless governments such as that in japan. You are here talking of a business that can poison global ecosystems...and then you just talk of advise!? My foot. It is past time IAEA is overhauled...new management needed

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The IAEA will only be of assistance if it is told the truth. Since the incident the truth is still very much evasive.

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Help, please, anybody!

Even the IAEA.

Anyone could do better than this bunch of cowboys!

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Advice to the IAEA: Apologize profusely for the 'intrusion'. Praise Abenomics. Talk about what a great plan TEPCO has. Stop trying to get them to think about what would happen to an ice wall in record 40 + temperatures. Tell them you're not going to have little cameras on your slippers. More than anything, though, start by saying they'll never be reliable for all their mistakes and instead be given golden parachutes. You'll be in for sure.

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Obviously the IAEA do not read the Japan Today forum, or any of the other English language media in Japan, or they might have garnered a clue that it was not all going to plan in Japan; and that their prior recommendations had not had quite the effect that they were hoping for, nor was their mission report so encouraging...

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dear lord, a brain cell is required.....

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This mess is going to going on for years with bureaucratic types trying to outdo each other with their "oversight" while Japan goes down in radioactive flames.

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I'm sorry but IAEA is too late. They did some small advises to Tepco and visited Daiichi, but the 300 tons leak was just announced. So can I ask IAEA, what the hell is your exact job accept giving advices and promoting nuclear energy?

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Ohhh boy...not reassuring news I'm afraid. IAEA burden with bureaucracy and a snail's pace on action organization. Let's pray a more serious approach will take place this time round.

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The U.N. atomic energy agency is following closely the leak of radioactive water from Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear plant into the sea and is ready to help out if asked

What's the betting they won't be 'asked' until it's far too late to do anything? Just as all these latest revelations come long after damage and harm have been done.

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TEPCO: Yah, thanks and everything but, we have this under control. Not sure what everyone is worried about......you know, the environment can take a heap of abuse and bounce back, pretty sure about that. We are prepared to stay in bed with the government and continue to drain funds from other more deserving departments, so as to make Japan a radioactive state like never before. Just keep paying those taxes to support our effort, O.K.?

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Sure, in the meanwhile they said that they can be helped IF ask, it will be already too late for the pacific ocean if things will going that bad every day. When Japan will ask for help? tomorrow or, at the worst, withing some year?

I think that IAEA didn't realized how much serious the problem is. There's no time to ask, but to go in action immediately if we want to avoid an ocean filled by liquid waste.

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well actually the IAEA is already involved but so far is using the area for experiments and increased bureaucracy and oversite.

not really any true help

the main page displays how they had to have 40 scientists on site to take nucleotide readings- heck anyone can take a reading- what was the result and the meaning of the result?

but it was a nice field trip for 40 international scientists

point fingers at Tepco all you want- i am not sure there is a single reactor in the world that could have stood up to the abuse those did with an earthquake and tsunami on the same day

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The IAEA's only "competence" is promoting nuke. They have absolutely no clue nor budget to fix nuke disasters. Thus please SHUT UP!

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