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IAEA says safety at Japan's nuclear plants up to par


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It's quite disgusting to see how Amano is dragging the reputation of IAEA's hard-working scientists and engineers to the ground just so he could land an amakudari job later. He has no justification lowering IAEA's standards to NISA levels. The man is a disgrace.

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Imagine having enough money to make people say whatever you want.

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I suppose the IAEA were shown the falsified set of safety records, rather than the true ones. Still, the plants are fairly safe now that they are all shut down.

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"GENERALLY"... EXAMPLE : I generally behave well.

That is what happens when only quality reviews run the place instead of tecnical ones. I know well this spreading situation I fight against as a technical expert struggling for expression of simple truth.

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How about the ongoing case regarding the Tomari plant? I guess the management has deftly steered IAEA away from the case.

Setsuo Fujiwara, who used to design reactors, said he clashed with supervisors over an inspection audit he conducted in March 2009 at the Tomari nuclear plant in Japan. Fujiwara refused to approve a routine test by the plant's operator, Hokkaido Electric Power, saying the test was flawed. A week later, he was summoned by his supervisor, who ordered him to correct his written report to indicate that the test had been done properly. After Fujiwara refused, his employment contract was not renewed. "They told me my job was just to approve reactors, not to raise doubts about them", said Fujiwara, 62, who is now suing the nuclear safety organization to get rehired.

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Propaganda levels at all time high. The media sure is a pawn in all of this.

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the IAEA just lost all credibillity it had left

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"The plants are generally safe and generally pass inspection criteria"... As he slips a brown paper envelope into his pocket. Those in power really do think people are sheep don't they...

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Pssh. Yeah. Right. And Santa Clause is real.

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Presumably, this result is based on an understanding that what now remains at Fukushima, can no be longer classed as nuclear power plants since they are not generating any power (that can be harnessed for profit) and are therefore irrelevant to the findings.

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that should have read, '...can no longer be classed...'

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