Ice fishing couple die of carbon monoxide poisoning in tent in Hokkaido


Police said Monday that a couple who had been ice fishing were found dead in their tent in Minami-furano, Hokkaido, in what appears to be a case of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

A man fishing on Lake Kanayama at around midnight Sunday noticed a tent that had collapsed, Fuji TV reported. He told police that he looked inside and found a couple lying motionless on the ice.

Emergency services were called to the lake and found the couple, who have been named as Yoshiyuki and Sonomi Tanaka, dead at the scene.

The Sapporo couple, who were aged 50 and 47 respectively, were taken to hospital where doctors said they died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Officers searching the tent said that fishing chairs were found next to a hole in the ice, alongside an earthen charcoal brazier. It is believed that the couple were fishing for Japanese smelt through the ice and using the brazier for warmth. Police say it is likely the couple failed to properly ventilate their tent, causing a build-up of carbon monoxide.

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We have a few instances of this in the UK every year, despite it now being well known and warnings being posted on disposable barbeques (the main culprits). Doesnt even sound like the brazier was inside the tent, from the description of the scene. Tragic accident. RIP.

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This is a piece of tragic news. It would appear that in other parts of the world there is more awareness of the importance of preventing this kind of accident. In countries where gas-powered boilers are the source of central heating and hot water in people's houses there is less of an occurrence of deaths from carbon monoxide as the main culprit. Amongst other preventative measures, it is important that there should be an appropriate carbon monoxide detector in good working order wherever there is a risk. I sadly remember a group of young Spanish ramblers who died in their sleep while spending the night in a country shelter as they left the embers burning in the fireplace while they slept. I would suggest anybody purchasing a charcoal brazier for the same purpose the deceased couple bought theirs be advised of the possible risks and what to do to prevent them.

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Some really callous comments on here.

RIP to these poor people.

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Mr. Tanaka, died a fool's death. Guess he ain't "smelt" the carbon monoxide. I wonder if they had children.

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Passed on trying to get a feed, Not good in these times, shows one that life is precious . An to take care with all heating devices in small areas.

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It amazes me that people who live up north are unaware of the danger of carbon monoxide.

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A very sad story!! RIP fishing couple.

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Darwin Award.

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They died together doing something they enjoyed.. how romantic.

Yeah, how romantic being so dumb it kills the two of them is.

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They died together doing something they enjoyed.. how romantic.

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