Imperial couple to visit India


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This is good news. We need to forge closer ties with our "friends" in Asia.

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They should go to China

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first rice from fukushima, and now indian food? i hope ole aki's stomach can put up with it all.

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Not only government level but also private level two countries are at in good relations. Have a nice trip.

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A few weeks ago the media were up and arms over "political use of the emperor," when that Diet member handed him a letter. Do you mean to tell us that an Imperial visit to China's biggest potential military and economic rival in Asia (India) --- timed to just when the situation is heating up over the Senkakus --- isn't political use of the emperor?

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Good on both sides. Arigatoo gozaimas, Imperial couple for recognizing that it is time you extended the flower of peacefulness. It's time to reach out and offer that flower - you are our best hope for extending the peace and goodwill your trip embodies.

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According to the Embassy of Japan in India webpage, this visit was announced on July 9 this year to commemorate the 60th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations.

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welcome to India........

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They will enjoy India curry food that is best in the world.

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