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Imperial couple visit support center for foreigners in Shizuoka


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I must say he sets a good example for his subjects to emulate.

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I had to learn Japanese the hard way, on the street almost 30 years ago. Unless you are in a major metropolitan area with professional Japanese language teaching facilities it is rough to get a grasp of an asian language as they are quite difficult compared to latin based languages. If Japan is going to seriously address accepting foreigners into their society which is inevitable much to the chagrin of most of the population, then publicly funded language training centers are needed. I applaud the royals for visiting the facility in Hamamatsu and hope that Japanese culture will open their eyes and support foreigners trying to assimilate themselves.

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Japan is really gearing up to welcome more foreigners, even the Emperor seems to support the idea

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The Emperor never came to see me when I was in japanese language school ! J'accuse !

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They're a class act. Given the brand of デモクラシー that's practiced in Japan (yesterday's petulant diet spat for example), perhaps an Imperial Restoration is in order.

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Looks like the concerted efforts by the Japanese business community, who will profit from imported labor, are paying off.

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A noble move by a man who has always been noble, humble, and Japanese.

Thank you sir! As a “hafu” kid who has endured Japan.

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I ask you the same question - have you ever moved to another country? Please tell us how their foreign resident services were better than japan. Rather than just whining, give some actual countries japan can do look to for examples.

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I live in Okazaki (Aichi),and the town hall has Brazilian employees to help those still struggling with Nihongo.

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perhaps an Imperial Restoration is in order.

As opposed to what we have now here?

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Of course they asked them if they are adjusting to Japanese life. Dawg forbid Japan should actually bend to make the transition easier for foreigners.

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Do Western countries have to make the transition easier for foreigners too? Or do they have to adjust to their 'way of life'?

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The emperor applauded the students, and asked them whether they had become accustomed to Japanese life.

Of course, the answer to that question was of no consequence (hence not mentioned in the article). So very Japanese!

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Japan should actually bend to make the transition easier for foreigners.

Have you ever lived in any other countries? Japan has the best integration support for foreigners of pretty much any country I’ve lived in. Pretty mich every city hall and ward office provide documentation in English, free or extremely affordable Japanese lessons, and various consultantions. Just go and ask.

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