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In the ruins of a historic market, a Japanese artisan looks for his cats

By Kiyoshi Takenaka

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"I'm not worried about the tools and the art," he said. "I can recreate those works as many times as I want. I am only concerned about life, only about the cats' lives."

Feel for Kirimoto-san and hope the cats are all safe. They are survivors.

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I hope all the pets can be rescued..

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You can read about his work here https://www.lacquerartbysoil.com/post/urushi-design-innovation-by-taiichi-kirimoto-kohei-kirimoto

and his Instagram is @kohei_kirimoto

I will follow him as a microcosm of what happens in Wajima from now on. I hope he finds his cats soon!

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This is another heartbreaking story among others that we will hear more of as this goes on. I hope Mr Kirimoto doesn't give up and finds his beloved cats soon.

Cats are very good at hiding themselves away so hopefully they are in hiding somewhere among the ruins.

There were some stories from the affected regions in 2011 of pets surviving - and of the love and bravery of people going into radiation affected zones to feed them - so hopefully Mr Kirimoto will be re-united with his cats soon.

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