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Indebted city puts its name up for sale


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Now this is an opportunity if I ever saw one: Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, they all have lost their way and need to invest in Japan. They can hopefully convince stock holders that buying a city name is a brilliant idea, something that needs ti be done asap...

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First paragraph threw me there for a while!

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Perhaps Don Quixote might be an appropriate sponsor?

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This is for people with more money than sense.

What would you get for your money? A bankrupt town and loads of angry residents.

I've got to give them 10 out of 10 for guts to publicize something so ridiculous though.

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I might bid for this place, and call it "Sample".

Put a big sign at the city limits saying "You're in Sample"

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i heard that one Chinese investor, a Mr. Poh See Dee may be interested.

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duh...who wants that pos name? not like you get the town...just the name?? the heck am is anyone gonna do with it?

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Softbank could get their name on there, build some kind of amusement park, a megastore...Softbank city.

It has a nice ring to it.

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It's great, i like Mr. Poh See Dee!!!


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"Many of Japan’s regional governments are saddled with enormous debts after decades of infrastructure projects of sometimes dubious value."

Welcome to Japan. Hopefully IF someone puts in a bid they decide to keep the current name, with perhaps some sort of addition if they need to change it at all. It would be a shame to see the name changed, as the residents would be getting screwed yet again, and the 1 billion won't even put a dent in the 100 bil. they owe.

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Did they try 'ebay'?

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