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Independent panel on Fukushima crisis says it will go much deeper than gov't one


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The panel appointed by the Diet last month...

So, this panel was appointed by the Diet and it has no non-Japanese experts from overseas. Sounds like more of the same old thing to me.

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It is the same old thing. Song and Dance for this nation. Furthermore the evidence is gone. The tracks have been covered and the paper trails have been shredded. No.....the only thing they'll find are the memories and in time those will fade as well.

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I hope they have a forensic expert in the panel, one who can "read" the events from the ruins as the disaster unfolded.

On the other hand, it's been 10 months since the disaster, with much of the incriminating evidence hidden or even disposed of. With TEPCO's way of handling things, I doubt they'll be able to go deep in their investigations and findings.

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What a joke. 10 months on and there is an appointed panel from the government!? When a panel has to go on the defensive and advertise how outspoken they are it is not a good sign. This is another in the long line of carny tricks for all the rubes. Just sad.

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Yeah, sure it will... and WHO appointed the panel again and WHOM is it funded by?

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Maybe the Japanese are just proving how unique they are. No one else in the world would have ever done it this way.

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Independent panel on Fukushima crisis says it will go much deeper than gov't one

Which = We are demanding a much larger brown bag stuffed with reasons to cast a blind eye...

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So far, nearly all the investigations have been a major and serious failure. IAEA, atomic safety agencies, government, TEPCO.

TEPCO stated that the earthquake caused no major damage at the Fukushima power plant. Hogwash. It also stated that there was no damage at the second Fukushima plant, Daini but its now know that a reactor containment vessel was cracked open by the earthquake and TEPCO have been trying to repair it.

Why did the nuclear disaster happen? Could the plant safety standards have been higher? Was it located in the wrong place? What can be learnt so that safety at all atomic power plants can be increased?

I think so are the kind of questions people want to see answers to?

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Independent panel on Fukushima crisis says it will go much deeper than gov't one

Maybe they meant they'll go deeper into the reactors...

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