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Initial medical examination fee to increase by 120 yen


The health ministry has decided to increase initial medical examination fees by 120 yen, starting in April.

Ministry officials told a news conference that in line with the upcoming increase in the consumption tax from 5% to 8% from April 1, an increase in medical fees was also in order, TBS reported Thursday.

Patients receiving treatment at hospitals will begin paying 2,820 yen for their initial medical examination fee, an increase of 120 yen. Annual repeat checkups and follow-up visits will cost 720 yen, an increase of 30 yen.

The ministry said its decision is aimed at assisting hospitals in offsetting the increase in operating costs.

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Somewhat skeptical about this one

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Skeptical about what? The increase is minimal and if you go to the same hospital or clinic you won't be charged the increase. But you have to pay attention to the bills that any hospital gives you that's all.

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The dentist's initial examination fee will also increase 160 yen from the present 2,180 yen. Following visits will cost 30 yen more from the present 420 yen.

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So basically the cost of almost everything is going up in Japan without a commensurate increase in wages. Sounds like fun. What is next? School fees?

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So that means we'll be paying an extra 9 yen (since national health insurance covers 70% of the bill) when we visit our regular doctor, and have to shell out a whopping 36 yen should we visit a new place.

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So basically the cost of almost everything is going up in Japan without a commensurate increase in wages.

Hence the reason for my skepticism

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What about the 200 yen check ups I pay for when getting my knee checked up at the hospital? Hope that doesnt jump up to 210 yen.....

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Taxi fares, medical examination fees...it won't stop there. Watch the prices of everything, April 1, then take a look at your paycheque.

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More tax on medicine and food. This money will go to excessive Olympic construction spending, etc. before any of it reduces the Japanese national debt. Go ahead and thumb me down, but it 's true.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

The increase may be small, but arguments like this beg the question of why consumption tax is charged on medical expenses to begin with. What right has the government to skim 5 to 8 percent off the top of a non-discretionary expense that is not a luxury but is essential to life itself?

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ABENOMICS!!! Priceless!!

after that ,,,never leave you home without your AMEX!!


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never leave you home without your AMEX!!

or your hospital card.

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But ordinary medical expenses under Japanese National Health Insurance and prescription drugs are tax free.

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Thon, what is even weirder is that clinics and hospitals pay shouhizei when they buy drugs, but they are not allowed to charge the patients that tax when they treat them...it's 5% you can't get back, a mandatory 5%donation to the tax coffers.

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I have just been hit with a 50,000 yen bill for taking my son to the ER here in the US. No x-rays, no tests, just 5 mins with a triage nurse, 10 mins with a physicians assistant and about 3 minutes with the ER doctor (which was billed separately and was a further $275!)

Japan has it good.

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You are right,still not as bad as the States

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