Innovation helps Japan's tsunami-hit farmers bounce back

By Megan Rowling

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I wish them the best.

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Still not making a profit. Consolidation of land, moving into vegetables, developing value-added products.... This is all fine, but "still not making a profit" ..... These are the words that say that these folks are not back. I, too, wish them well, but until they begin making even a smidgen of profit, this is not a real going concern.

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How about giving them a home first? Many of them are living in temp housing!

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Hey! Thanks for this story! It has made my day. Just goes to show how important community bonds are. Working together, people can really heal and renew their lives. Here is a link to a video on YouTube about the business featured in this article. It's a great story! Please share this with you networks. People need to see that folks in the area are actually thriving.

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At least they aren't waiting for the Gov. to bring things back to norm. Kudo's to them for re-starting

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True, if they were waiting for the Government to help, they'd be waiting a long time. The Government is more concerned with restarting the nuclear reactors to care what happened to its citizens.

I'm not a fan of nuclear energy but out of a choice between Nuclear and fossil fuel, I'd take Nuclear. It is cleaner and safer than fossil fuels (nuclear power stations are less likely to have faults compared to coal, etc. but when things do go wrong they can be tragic, eg. Chernobyl).

However, I don't think Japan, which sits on the edge of the ring of fire, is really a Country suitable for Nuclear power. Abe should instead focus more on renewable sources such as Geothermal, Solar and Tidal. Countries like the UK would be more suitable as they are not as prone to earthquakes and other disasters and if they do get them they are nothing compared to what Japan experiences.

Although, I'd still prefer all Countries to try more to switch to renewable energy anyway.

I am glad that Tohoku is starting to see a comeback even it is small at the moment, it's also great to see more farmers switching to vegetables instead of just rice paddies, as I think the rice market in Japan is over-saturated.

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