Innovative bra cannot be unhooked without true love, say makers


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No.1 Dumbest creation of century award goes to Ravijour.

You don't need to have master degree in unlocking Bra hook but simply just slip your hands into her bra.

How about she was in lust instead of love? The lust is more explosive feeling in heart than love.

I know why the company do not marketing this product because no one will buy it and it won’t work like what Company said. It’s just publicity stunt for Company.

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FightingViking, you certainly have a way of heating up the male libido! Where were you when I was last in Japan? ;)

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WTF? and there goes my coffee all over my keyboard from laughing so hard. Well, at least it made me laugh but seriously?

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Might be easier to detect if the woman is getting wet.

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People are spending money on making rubbish like this which could be spent for Tsunami victims or a billion other worthy causes.

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Bra opens, NSA is immediately notified, event ends up in the PDB the next morning and the POTUS uses this incident as a talking point in the next SOTU address.

Technology is great, isn't it?

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Hunter - fantastic.

If it opens, Dad's iPhone screams an alarm and simultaneously calls 911.

Guessing that is one of the options, along with a free App.

As parents of a daughter nearing her teens that is EXACTLY the kind of underwear we want to see in the shops! :)

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And this is what you call, True Love. No wonder the world's going.

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Wasted as space and comments as the product is NOT going to be sold as per article. Wonder if it can outwit scissors and how does it open when the woman is alone?

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sports bras rule the earth.

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Hmmm... a bra for the parents of teenagers --

If it opens, Dad's iPhone screams an alarm and simultaneously calls 911.

Guessing that is one of the options, along with a free App.

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Oh yeah, this stop rapists dead in their tracks hahaha

Here's the chart to differentiate jogging from eating spicy food to bra-unhooking territory:

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The company is just imitating Triumph`s gimmick bras. However, by only showing the device and not the cute model wearing it, they are defeating the entire purpose of the exercise. The only reason people would like to look at this nonsense is to see the models. The advertising people of this company screwed up big time :-)

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There's an app for that? It may be easier than actually undoing a bra. I can't count how many times I've been distracted trying to get one of those bloody things undone!

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Suppose the chastity belt would be too cliche.

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add hydraulics and a (programmable) audio player that defaults to the 2001 Space Odyssey theme. Or the Darth Vader theme, that works too.

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How does the woman take it off?

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I don't think this is going to help save many women from going too far by accident. All the woman's ambitious suitor has to do is skip 2nd base and head for 3rd. Enough activity at 3rd and 2nd base will no doubt come to the conclusion that it's 'true love," releasing the bosom.

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Chain mail for the modern princess. But someone will hack it.

2 ( +2 / -0 ) is the woman supposed to take it off if she is changing out of it or to take a shower etc etc?

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Sheesh, the front openers were bad enough back in the day when I worried about such things.

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And Japan wins again for stupidest inventions. Tell me, can the woman take it off of herself if she lacks self-confidence and doesn't truly love herself?

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They should apply this method to whole clothing, all should come apart when heartbeat raises above certain level. That sounds more fun than just a bra undoing itself.

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I may be wrong here, but shouldn't this article be in the 'Tech' section, not the 'National' section?

The app studies the heart’s changing pattern and the duration of the change, which the makers say will allow it to distinguish between activities as diverse as jogging and flirting, where a woman’s requirements of her bra are quite distinct.

How about if the wearer is recipient of a surprise party? Everyone gets a surprise!

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Must be some "jealous lady" out there ! (Wouldn't know how to explain de "thumb down" otherwise !) It's not my fault if we gaijin are not "constructed" the same way !

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gotta love those ibra.

It might be handy if they add the LED light. with vibration function and controllable via bluebooth!?

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Hmmmmm. Seems to me that if the wearer was unwilling and forced to run from her suitor, the effect on physiology might be the same?

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Are the shoulder straps similarly protected?

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@HonestDictator and Mocheake

That may depend on the lady in question... As far as I'm concerned, "one thing leads to another"... (but they wouldn't have my size here anyway... never seen any "DDs" in the stores...) ;)

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I don't think the upper body is as important as the lower when it comes to "love" but maybe I don't know

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So, if you can make a lady's pulse speed up beyond a certain number of beats per minute, her bra will pop open.

Not for joggers.

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"True love" is a little bit of a misnomer. "Truly turned on" is a little more accurate.

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The scientific trials for this product must have been fun...

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Quite often it's nice to leave the bra on, especially in a "tricky" place.

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At least its not knickers

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A brassiere won't help... I would think it should be more along the lines of the lower portion of womens undergarments, not the top.

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I wouldn't say that now I've seen it all but I must be getting close to it.

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Ayayay....more stupid devices that the world doesn't need.

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