Investigators still unable to find cause of 787 fire


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Well, according to one source, the ANA flight (aircraft serial and registration: MSN 34486 - JA804A) had it's battery replaced in late october, putting the battery manufacturing date in september or earlier.

And according to the NTSB report that this article is based on (, the battery on the JAL flight also happened to be from september.

It sounds like the Japanese regulators are hampering investigations as much as they can to protect Yuasa, considering they first blamed over-voltage/over-charging until everything came up negative and they were forced to retract their statements.

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Yuasa?? GS Yuasa?? Now that's a name to remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The government protecting a company? That's what this article says, too. The Japanese gov't lowered safety standards so ANA and JAL could get the 787 sooner.

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If Boeing leaves Japan out on a limb, they (Boeing) too will loose credibility....everyone will cancel their B787 orders. Time to buy Airbus stock??

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“megascale engineering puzzle.” Right, mates. Completely unexpected. The Fukushima of the airline world. How could Japan's superior technology not be superior?

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I don't see how Japan could be blocking this investigation, seeing as the NTSB already knows of the battery change-outs. Also, it's not in Japan's interests to keep two of their major airlines in the news with grounded planes simply to protect one battery maker.

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