Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a squid


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For the sake of fairness, how would Usain Bolt fare if he was running for his life???

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Interesting find. Flying fish, flying squid.... I want to see flying whales!

Was I the only one who read "neon flying squid" and thought, "that sounds like the kind of name a Japanese rock group would give itself"?

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Wow July 11! Old news.

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Farmboy, I didn't read the last few paragraphs. The article focuses on the flying squid but mentions the giant squid near the end. I apologize, and your streak is unbroken.

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Two types of squid are mentioned in the article. The video is of the giant squid, I think. If I'm wrong, please explain. I was wrong back in 63, I think... It could happen.

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Farmboy, wrong squid.

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Footage of the giant squid—Architeuthis to scientists—provided final proof of the quasi-mythical ocean-dwelling beast reported by sailors for centuries.

Quasi-mythical? Hey, I've seen all the B movies, and I already knew they were real.

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Cool. My Japanese friends were going on about this. Would like to see the vid.

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But how do they taste?

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I wonder if that guy from Sushizanmai in Tsukiji will now hunt and buy these squid.

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