JAL faces fresh disciplinary action after drinking by flight attendant


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Yet not one of the JAL staff in Japan received a custodial sentence?

Maybe that is why they continue to flout the rules.....

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As long as JAL's president deeply apologizes, all is good. A run-of-the-mill apology would have been insufficient, but a "deep" apology solves almost any issue.

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So JAL has been issued with this 'Business Improvement Order'. How does this work, and what potential sanctions can be imposed if there's no improvement?

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Yet not one of the JAL staff in Japan received a custodial sentence?

It's systematic, so there should be arrests.

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Captain for sure no drinking but the flight attendant? Unless she was drunk or falling over let her have one.

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Unless she was drunk or falling over let her have one.

The flight attendants aren't just there to serve (or drink) the drinks. For example, they also have to secure the doors before takeoff. I don't want a door malfunctioning during a flight because an attendant couldn't resist taking a swig of bubbly. Or if the worst happens and the plane comes down in the sea, I don't want the flight attendant telling me to get my own damn life raft ready because she's just too pissed to care.

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Just flew back in last night from vancouver with ANA. Not a big fan of them either as their customer service leaves MUCH to be desired, but at least they all seemed sober..

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JAL: The airline of alcoholics, FOR alcoholics.

"Given a series of drinking-related incidents, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism issued a business improvement order for JAL in December."

How about the Ministry submit legislature that would make it illegal, as it is in some other countries? Nope? Just pass the buck?

7 ( +10 / -3 )

It's systematic, so there should be arrests.

Until there are laws regarding this issue arresting someone for this would be lynch-mob justice.

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JAL fly not only with full planes but with full cabin crew, too.

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She was about to head to Hawaii and party like it was 2999.

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nice one!!!!! (⌒▽⌒)

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"Just Alotta Liquor" Airlines

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Asahi Super Dry, one more sake after that, better make it a double, banzai! MAYDAY MAYDAY

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It isn't a crime,

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Can we have a name on the female cabin attendant that was drinking on the flight? I think I have the proper reprimand and punishment for her. Thank you.

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expat: "It isn't a crime,"

But it should be, since it involves safety. It is in many countries, but not here, hence even so far this year two or three cases of JAL employees responsible for the lives of many, getting or already being drunk while at work. And this is Following last year where it happened a lot, too.

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This is only one transport company that is getting caught out with staff abusing alcohol and the only reason they are being caught out is because they are being scrutinized. How many more transport companies have the same level of alcohol abuse that is going unscrutinized?

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I’m still trying to grasp the one about the pilot who was 10 times over the limit. :-/

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Just Another Larger... you need to be drunk, to fly JAL ?

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Cabin Staff as well as Flight Deck, must be ready at all times for the possibiity of an emergency---so a policy of strict sobriety at all times by all staff should be enforced. Before a flight all staff should be breathalised with a zero alcohol policy adopted and maintained while on duty.

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It is a crime-try ‘criminal negligence’ !!!

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Do they know something about the airline safety we don’t? Is that why they have to fly pissed?

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First there was the cabin crew running the prostitution ring, then the drunk pilots, now the drunk cabin crew - JAL the most hedonistic airline in Japan.

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