JAL offers service to cover COVID-19 expenses by travelers infected overseas


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How about just not flying....

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Or, they could lower prices?

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Or, they could lower prices?

No reason to. People aren't not flying because they can't afford to. Might as well get the most money out of those who must or really want to fly.

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How about just not flying....

Good point. If JAL and others stopped flying to China as soon as it was learned in January there was an unknown fatal virus circulating there for which there was no cure, the pandemic would have been drastically smaller and shorter than it is.

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If JAL and other airlines stopped flying essential imports would stop too. These planes carry freight as well as passengers.

I’d rather JAL knocked some money off it’s eye watering ticket prices than have this pseudo insurance that I do not want or need.

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This is great news. PCP tests are only 40-10% accurate depending on test companies. Usually you have to pay for quarantine hotels, around ¥$3000. But if you can choose a 5 star beach hotel, or like the Sheraton Hotel on Sydney Barbour with a balcony room and room service, I think this is a good deal.

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Jal must be getting alot of returns for this.

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Is anyone else totally disgusted by this?

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I’ll be flying the end of next month-12 months without getting infected, I think I can look after myself

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From photo caption:

...shows a sign promoting an insurance product recently introduced by Japan Airlines Co...

From article:

...the service, which is strictly not an insurance policy...

Anyone know the difference here between a "product" and a "policy"?

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JAL is backed by the Japanese government, so they can do this even if it makes no commercial sense.

Personally, I do not think the Japanese taxpayer should be on the hook for a Japanese person getting C19 and having a prolonged stay in a USA hospital.

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Japan is an Island Nation - it has the power to stop this virus from coming into the Country and curtailing it's spread within it - pretty much like New Zealand has done.... so why hasn't it ?

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Trust the insurance companies to make a buck off of anything

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