Japan's 1st new ski resort in 14 years opens in Hyogo


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Tough business, but here's wishing it success, as it will offer a local option for those in the area. And this season has gotten off to a good start in terms of snowfall across the country.

Also worth noting that the Arai ski resort re-opened after many many years. May it also succeed!!

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Looks like a river bed, not a ski resort.

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There is a ski resort in Shiga ken called Biwako valley. Close to Kyoto and Osaka. They did some smart stuff like having ropeways, zip lines, dog runs, impressive kids play area and Biwako Terrace, a beautiful view restaurant area. They can have business all year round. I tried to go there a month or two ago, but couldn’t because parking was full and too many people.

If you start a business, think of how to run off season as well!

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Anyone remember when "ski-fields" banned snowboards? Look at that photo! All those morons trying to ban us back then I hope they are enjoying their straight skis and neon skiwear over their diapers.

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One J trick is to drive with your partner to your favorite resort late at night, bag a good parking spot and sleep until morning, rising to be first in line for rentals, tickets etc.

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Good luck to them. It's run by an operator called MacEarth who have lots of little ski resorts all over Japan, so they'll know what they're doing.

It looks like access from Kobe and Osaka via the Chugoku, an expressway with a reputation for noone using it, so it might be smooth in and out. Like the Biwako places, they are going to operate until late at night for city people wanting a little snow fix. It's very small, but the pricing is flexible, so many will be happy to go for a couple of hours. If I lived in Kobe, I would go there or another Hyogo resort for an early season loosener to get the legs going and check my setup before the first big trip to Nagano or Hokkaido. It'll be good for teaching kids too, possibly better than a big resort where you might pay 5000 yen as an adult but only get to ride bunny slopes.

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Glad to see snow boarder friendly. Wishing the resort great success.

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