Crippled Fukushima plant stops selling souvenirs

By Behrouz Mehri

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On a sarcastic note, they should have been a little more creative and sold Fukushima 'glow sticks'.

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A TEPCO spokesman said: "It is true that we received criticism, but that's not why we suspended the sales."

So why did they then? Afraid they would melt?

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I have just learned that you really can't fix stupid.

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Sums up Tepco’s mentality!

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It's not just TEPCO's fault, the government wants to promote tourism in the area as well to show the world that everything is "normal". TEPCO just jumped the gun!

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Sometimes when I read some of the news on this site I swear I am living in the twilight zone!

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Dark tourism. Anyone seen that show on Netflix when the tour bus goes to the area and they all start complaining that the radiation readings are too high? Errrr muppets!

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A TEPCO spokesman said: "It is true that we received criticism, but that's not why we suspended the sales."

This guy is going places...if he keeps it up he will have a shot at becoming a J-govt spokesman before soon, he is almost in Suga,s league.

DO tell us the mysterious reason why you suspended sales then.

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Well, I do not see that as a much inconsiderate move. Certainly there are the issues to be considered such as the moutain of lies TEPCO fed the public about the nuclear issue and the accident before, during, after; the difficulties of the bonification; and formost of all the compensation to victims. But if you consider that since the official opening of Chernobyl to 'nuclear tourism', there has been ten of thusands ov visitors and they are increasing every year. Which is not necessarily bad or immoral. It contribute to a certain re-vitalization of the area and a larger awarness of the nuclear issues. The only problem is an unterstanding and a conscence about what is being done by the proposing entity. Being that Tepco, not Fukushima-ken or the government, it does not promise anything good... starting from the usual smoke curtain in the reply to the criticism.

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I could support this if the proceeds were given directly to the victims of the man-made meltdowns. However, I have no doubt the proceeds were directed straight back into TEPCO's coffer as an attempt to scam money from people to help pay for their lies, which resulted in the world's 'WORST' nuclear disaster ever! Yes, Chernobyl was bigger and had a greater immediate impact on the surrounding environment. Three Mile Island was a cracker in a can compared to Fukushima Dai-ichi. Chernobyl did not have a containment vessel over the reactors, which meant the fuel was blown out of the reactor making it comparatively easy to clean up. The reactor is capped with cement and only residual radiation remains. However, on the other hand, the containment vessel at Fukushima Dai-Ichi collapsed onto the melted fuel rods and after nearly a decade they still have no plan or solution as to how to remove the melted rods from under the debris. Furthermore, the base of the containment vessel is cracked and is leeching highly radioactive water into the environment. They have created an ice wall, which they admit is not working and created dams that just fill with radioactive water until it overflows into the environment. And, even if they do figure out a way to remove the melted rods, they still do not have any idea how to store them due to the irregularities in their form. Then, there are the hundreds of thousands of tons of highly radioactive water that is stored in 'temporary' tanks all over the site, which they have no idea what to do with and is growing every day. It is definitely the WORST nuclear disaster in history and the worst is yet to come.

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We ARE living in the twilight zone, you were not imagining it!

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Anyone seen that show on Netflix when the tour bus goes to the area and they all start complaining that the radiation readings are too high?

No, which show is this?

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Inappropriateness aside, clear file are about the suckiest souvenir they could possibly have made available. If they can’t even get that right....

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I completely agree.

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how brazen are these sick thieves , they poisoned third of the country because of cost cutting and failure to implement safety procedures , they caused worst nuclear disaster ( ongoing ) in recent history and now they SELL gifts...? shame level 0?

Give free gifts if people want ( we pay for it with our tax after all)

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prosecute their execs too

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They probably suspended sales to re-package the clear file with a complimentary bag of earth.

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This is the first time I've seen all comments on an article with no negatives. :)

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