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Crown prince praises Vietnam ties during Hanoi visit


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Japan is the largest source of official development aid to Vietnam, and is the Southeast Asian country's third largest source of foreign direct investment totalling $70 billion.

Bilateral trade rose 10.9% last year to $47.6 billion, according to Vietnam's customs data.

Is all about trade numbers.

Vietnam's largest exports to Japan include garments, wooden furniture and aquatic products, while it imports mainly electronics, machinery and steel from Japan.

Vietnam also export worker to Japan, that visit might to help trainee numbers that become uninterested to Japan amid Yen that getting weaker and effecting worker to go to Japan.


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Praise people for oppression of their people,what goes there

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I do not know why it is, but criticm of Japan's royal family is frowned upon. And my Japanese ex-wife was far more critical and disparaging than I ever was.

Well, I see them and I see a walking sink for my tax money. And the constant ignoring of Japan's imperial past in Vietnam is rather disgusting. Is it so hard to simply acknowledge the past as wrong and move on? Cannot adults deal with history in a calm, sane manner when they are not directly responsible for it?

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If only more countries shared Vietnam's forgive and forget attitude. They're an example to so many countries which hold historical grudges against former enemies

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Keepyer InternetpointsToday  11:51 am JST

And the constant ignoring of Japan's imperial past in Vietnam is rather disgusting.

Imperial Japan's past history with Vietnam is nothing compared to what my country did. And the Vietnamese today are far more hateful of China than the US or Japan.

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A forgotten part of history but not to the Vietnamese is that there were some Japanese soldiers who instead of repatriating back to Japan, remained after WW2 to support the liberation movement.

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The world is one big family. Fostering people to people contact is an act in worldbuilding. Long live solidarity.

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