Emperor likely to abdicate at end of March 2019: report


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We will continue to discuss appropriately and will do our best to carry out the emperor's abdication smoothly," he said.

Its none of your damn business Suga!

The powers that be just want to milk him for all he's worth. Jeez- let the poor man retire NOW. He's 83 for Pete's sake. Give him some time to enjoy life. Hasn't he served Japan enough?

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Would have thought being the "emperor" he would have some say obout his own life. Apparently not? Says so much about Japan. Even the "Emperor" has no say when he can retire. Work him to death seems what the government wants.

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Toshibo do you notice no body has freedom in Japan, from the "emperor" down everyone slaves away thinking its for the best. I might have a thought that's an individual expression of my keep that to myself.

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I agree. Why drag it out for 2 more years?

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I get the bad feeling that he might not reach that age.

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When he expressed to marry Empress, Japanese government at that time opposed and then Emperoooooor Hirohito denied the Government demand. That was the first time the Emperor refused Gov't order. Now, gov't is not treating the Emperor as a person again.

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I thought he was going to restire on January 1 so as to have a smooth transition in the calendar. Personally I'd like to see him retire on whatever day he sees fit to do so. He has served his country and his people loyally for three decades and deserves to finally be able to relax.

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I get the bad feeling that he might not reach that age.

Indeed. This is a prime example of the Japanese way of dealing with problems they don't want to solve. Delay something you don't want to (horrors!) change until it's not necessary. Same thing happened to the debate on (horrors!) allowing an Empress on the Chrysanthemum Throne. Lo and behold, a boy was born. (Whew! dogged that bullet.)

Basically he’s served his country for his entire life.

That's what the accident of birth means for the first born male in the Japanese Imperial system. The Brits changed their rules only a few years ago. If Prince George had been Princess Georgina, she would have ruled. The Swedes have done it too. The Dutch Queen abdicated in favour of her son while he was still young and appealing to the people. Did anyone in Japan take note that the sky did not fall on account of these actions but have served those nations well? (Rhetorical & sarcastic question.)

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So will we get an extra holiday in April?

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“He has served his country and his people loyally for three decades”

Not to mention having previously served decades as the Crown Prince (and Empresses Michiko as the Crown Princess). Basically he’s served his country for his entire life.

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@Cricky: Write example of non freedom in Japan.

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Heaven forbid he should die before then. Imagine the inconvenience.


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Michael Jackson: "I agree. Why drag it out for 2 more years?"

The publishing companies have already printed the 2018 calendars after the government couldn't choose a name for the holiday once the Emperor retires, so they said "No" to 2018. Probably reminded Abe the Emperor can't vote on Sunday, but they can.

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I wonder if the new emperor will be as bold as the current one in saying things that essentially scold Abe and his rightists.

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What do they do if he dies before that date? He abdicates early; he dies early; same thing when it comes to them rushing to fill his role. Can’t they just treat his abdication in the same way they did when Emperor Showa passed? I’m sure they had a lot of calendars they needed to reprint when that happened as well.

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Japanese news says the planners are setting March 31 as the last day of Akihito's reign. That means the next era will start April 1. Some will say, well, that's the start of the new fiscal year, others will say April Fools!

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It's ridiculous making him wait so long. An utter disgrace.

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I'll admit it freely that I'm not a great believer in abdication and feel that if your destined to inherit a position like that then you should stick it out. However I also realise that any person, regardless of royalty or not has the right to decide whether or not they wish to leave the responsibility to somebody else and that throughout Japanese history there has been precedent! 

For that reason I will say enjoy your retirement and good luck to his son!

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He has been very sick a decade ago and was already too old to fully recover abitity to work. He should have been given the option to retire then. Now, it's abuse of a weak old man. I always had the feeling that they wouldn't let him retire... in this lifetime. They gave him a Japanese "yes" like "yes, you said you wanted that and we have heard your request" but not "yes, you will get it".

Write example of non freedom in Japan.

The karoshi case of the week/day/hour... that never fails to occur every week/day/hour in Japan. People don't have a metal chain at the ankle but environment pressure has the same effect.

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Do you notice He is the only person who doesn't have freedom in Japan?

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