Emperor hopes for end of coronavirus pandemic in poem ceremony


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I think mankind unites you Emperor, to bring about an end to this nightmare. We cannot let divisive voices tear down what has to be done regarding COVID-19.

A poem, a book, a few words of frontline healthcare workers, etc. can fuel and ignite the fire of hope. I do thank you, whatever my thoughts on royalty are, for serving those who believe in you, with hope and kindness.

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Everybody is hoping for an end to the pandemic. However, hope is not a plan.

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Emperor Naruhito again expressed his hope for the end of the coronavirus pandemic in a poem recited Tuesday at an annual ceremony.

How does one express hopes when one is totally insulated from the effects and privations of the pandemic by a population who are actually experiencing it?

An infinite supply of good will and grace? How gracious.

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I bless those about to die/suffer, income loss I bless you all. Shuffle to the left job done. Back into my IHA box.

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Hope is not a recipe for the the end of Covid, maybe lawsuits

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Hope and Poem? Vaccine we already have it, what people need is science based public policy now.

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a lot of "hope" in today's news....

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Not that his words carry much weight, but I'm glad they centered on an implied desire to open up the borders.

My 4-year old doesn't really know his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

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Easy to sit in your public tax paid crib to mutter a few words to the peasants then go back to your world of magic and wonder.

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A few muttered words and a poem for the plebs...Talk is cheap and hope is not a policy !

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Thank you, Emperor Naruhito.

It is unfortunate that your kind words do not touch the hearts of some of the posters here.

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Elizabeth Gray Vining is seven syllables, and her name would fit neatly into a waka about the book she wrote about her time tutoring then-Crown Prince Akihito, "Windows for the Crown Prince."

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I do not believe in royalty but this gentleman does have a platform. I wish he would encourage this country to stop operating on fear of foreigners (which has been reinforced by the many restrictions) and instead embrace the mutual benefits that exist between Japan and foreign workers and tourists.

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oh thank goodness....everything will be ok now!! Outdated incumbent nobody wrote a poem and asks for hope......what's next? Thoughts and prayers??

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Makes many feel worse for Japan. Not better.

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Yes, why not? While spreading the whole truth isn’t really an option because only a very few could fully stand it, maybe spreading some hope by such poems is better, although having nearly no effects in practice.

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they need to open the window and see the real japan (many ppl here are struggling - financially, mentally etc.. from this pandemic)... writing poems about how beautiful their Palace is while their ppl are suffering kinda shows how out of touch this family are!

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Aren't we all, but I don't think it will happen any time soon. Viruses don't discriminate, not even for royalty.

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As our contacts with the world remain difficult


Blame the Ministry of Health for their overreach…

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