Empress Masako turns 58


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Happy birthday and stay safe.

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cute lady who could be very successful diplomat instead...of ...this....

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And in another year, she'll turn 59!

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Happy Birthday Empress. I wish I was there to celebrate.

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Seems to be eyeing the kokeshi.

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I hope they both remain Emperor and Empress into their 100s!

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Why would anyone downvote "Happy birthday and stay safe"??

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Happy Birthday. Poor woman - 18 years on medicines for this so-called "adjustment disorder." Maybe she needs a second opinion, or a medicine review, as the treatment does not appear to be very successful.

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She had such a bright future as she indicated would help Japanese women become equal in Japan however settled for tea and crumpets everyday and did nothing for women at all.

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Why would anyone downvote "Happy birthday and stay safe"??

Why would those same people down vote a happy long life for both of them?

I hope they both remain Emperor and Empress into their 100s!

It is either a tactic to get more paid responses from you or some hardcore conservative Crown Prince Fumihito and LDP supporters.

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I still remember her press conference after delivery of Princess Aiko. Only mother's understand that feelings.

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It's a terrible complaint that adjustment disorder.....I've had it all my life, but I've just about managed to get used to it, by always thinking about how terrible the lives of the underprivileged and the dispossessed are, the underclasses which make up about one-third of the people on this planet, and then I just seem to completely forget about my awful lack of adjustment, it just goes's as though I never really had anything wrong in the first place.

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Their faces suggest some inner communication - "Just another ten minutes dear. Then we can get back to the Netflix drama." "Right. Do you think anyone's noticed we don't have the pegboards behind us this time?"

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Life is a precious gift. Wishing Empress Masako good health. Happy birthday.

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