Former Emperor Akihito Photo: AP file

Emperor emeritus suffered bout of cerebral anemia last week


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Former Emperor Akihito briefly suffered from cerebral anemia last week, forcing him to postpone his regular health checkup, the Imperial Household Agency said Tuesday.

The 85-year-old emperor emeritus has already regained his health since he was seen crouching down to the floor on the evening of Thursday at his residence in Tokyo while having dinner, according to the agency.

Former Empress Michiko called a doctor at that time, the agency said, adding that he could have experienced fatigue from weeklong health checkups that the couple started taking from July 9.

Is it just me? He postponed his regular checkup, but experienced fatigue from a "week long" series of health checkups?

I mean just how many times do they have to probe and poke this man? Leave him in peace!

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Had never herd this medical expression before. Basically he did not have enough blood circulating to his brain, which causes brain cells to die off. In other words he had a small stroke. The poor man. If only they had let him abdicate when he wanted to, he might have had more time to enjoy himself. Let's hope he recovers and can continue to live a happy peaceful life.

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I hope Emperor emeritus Akihito makes a full and complete recovery, and can soon begin to enjoy his retirement, playing tennis , playing classical music, and continue touring the nation.

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Fortunate that he wasn't examined in an American healthcare facility...

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I really hope he doesn't get sick now.

Poor man. He probably thought about it many times if he wanted to be the first Emperor to abdicate in 200 years, but in the end, he did it mostly for his nation, worrying he couldn't serve it well.

He dedicated his entire laugh to Japan, he went to tsunami struck Hiroshima to talk to survivors, he spoke against Japan's war-crime past, he did everything he could with his limited power and there's a reason he's so well admired.

85 years is already an old age but if one person in our nation deserve to hit the 100 mark, it's this man. If he remains somewhat healthy, he deserves as many relaxing years as he can get outside of the limelight where he can travel with his wife, go to concerts, go shopping, sit down and watch a movie and just be a citizen.

As with most Japanese, we don't worship our Emperor and Empress like we did in the past, but we can respect them. And I truly hope he regains himself and keeps doing his thing along with his beautiful wife.

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Fortunate that he wasn't examined in an American healthcare facility...

Why? American healthcare is known for two things: being expensive and being good. He's got the money...

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MiaTanaka, “he went to tsunami struck Hiroshima to talk to survivors”

When was Hiroshima hit by a tsunami?

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Get well soon, Emperor Emeritus!

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Title needs to read former Emperor, the real Emperor is perfectly fine.

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The headline is correct. Akihito is referred to as the emperor emeritus.

I truly hope that the emperor emeritus will have a complete recover.

I admire him because he dedicated his life to serve it’s people and to improve international ties with Japan’s neighborhoods.

Furthermore it is remarkable that at his age he is still socially so active.

I wish him all the best.

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I hope he gets better. He needs the time to enjoy his wife and life now.

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Ganbatte Emperor. You served Japan with dignity and I hope you can enjoy a dignified life moving forward with your wife.

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Praying for a speedy recovery. Gambatte Dear Emperor!

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Good luck to the bloke.

'He dedicated his entire life to Japan, he went to the tsunami areas to talk to survivors, he spoke against Japan's war-crime past'

Spot on.

As a Londoner, he's done more for Japan than the British royal family have ever done in my life time.

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