Fujifilm starts Avigan trial to treat coronavirus


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Let's all hope they're on to something.

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The study excludes pregnant women due to side effects shown in animal testing, he added.\

A team of Danish researchers, looking for a way to protect pregnant women against malaria, found that proteins in the malaria parasite can attack cancer cells. The discovery is a potential game-changer in the hunt for a cure for cancer.

We will be able to find the corona cure somehow even if accidentally.

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Even if the treatment is effective it won’t help most people in Japan since most people cannot be candidates for tests until they are severe or critical......

and that is exactly what every other country is doing....

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I read recently the limited studies show the drug has only shortened the length of the disease in some patients who had mild symptoms. Won't help those with life threatening symptoms.

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Fujifilm should be urgently doing accelerated clinical trials around the world, not just a single study in Japan. There are enough clinical trial research organisations (CROs) idle now who could assist them.

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Trials in China have suggested Avigan could play a role in shortening the recovery time for patients infected with coronavirus.

So are they testing the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as well? Or just Avigan because it’s a Japanese company?

Also, are there no news companies in Japan with better info than this? So funny we get news from the AFP about Japan, and kinda useless for those of us living here.

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Avigan is tested also in Italy. There was a mediatic case around this drug, I won't explain the full story. Anyway, let's see if it's useful.

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I didn't even know fujifilm was involved in the drug industry.

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Sorry, the full link

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As you can see within the link below, Avigan is already approved by the Ministry of Health.

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This virus is destroying society.

I can't stand hearing and reading about it 24/7 anymore. Please let a cure be real and let us all move on from this burden.

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"The trial will be conducted on 100 patients until the end of June," a company spokesman told AFP on Wednesday. "We will collect data, analyse them and file for approval after that."

Why conduct a trial when 2 other well known studies were conducted and completed in France and China. End of June is TOOOOOOOO late, then wait for approval till the end of July. by then the rest of the world would have already discovered a new treatment and your trials will be OBSOLETE sir.

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@alex80 perhaps you should give a brief translation of that article? Not many people here can read Italian I suppose

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If you are not tested for Corona and was administered with another flu medication which did not work then the doctors can prescribe Avigan as an alternative medication to fight the corona virus.

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Avigan is the only drug that get clearly effective proof by chinese.

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Because a Chinese-based pharmaceutical company has the only license in the world to manufacture it ??

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Trials in China seem to have promising results:

Let's hope it helps!

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Trials in China

I do not trust anything after that. Do your trials somewhere where the ruling party is not looking over your shoulder!

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there are 100s country who would rush to get their hands on this drug.

Hey Fujifilm, this is the time to be slow and conservative, get this pill out to the world ASAP!!!

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CaliboyApr. 1  05:08 pm JST Even if the treatment is effective it won’t help most people in Japan since most people cannot be candidates for tests until they are severe or critical......

If this is the case, why are they bothering to test it on anyone under the age of 40? I know that there are known serious infections and deaths for people in their teens and twenties, but 0-20 years old make up less than 5% of people infected worldwide and they generally get flu like durations, unless they have underlying health problems.

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